GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is done for the unbiased and correct assessment of all the candidates of graduate school programs and business school programs. You need to be precise with all the skills and knowledge in comprehension and mathematics. It tests your different types of reasoning abilities. This exam is conducted via computer with a question paper consisting of multiple-choice questions. To a certain extent, this exam is thought to be similar to the SAT and ACT examination which does not have much critical, mathematical, and language analysis of a person. It is done for checking quantitative reasoning as well as logic. There are several questions in the GRE which are designed and asked for analyzing your ability for critical thinking and problem-solving proactivity.

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क्या is GRE? 

The GRE is quite challenging and tough due to the reasons given to all-around questions of language and maths. The GRE tests are performed for measuring the capabilities and skills of an individual in different areas like algebra, basic arithmetic, geometry, data analysis, and college-level vocabulary. You must have a great understanding of all these things to be able to excel and elevate in this examination. The GRE has three major score bases which are analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Each of the sections has its questionable criteria and scoring. Various other GRE tests include an unscored or research section depending on the exact examination and your program. The section of analytical writing contains two kinds of essays that are arguments and issue essays for 30 minutes each. These sections should be tackled and solved with efficiency because of the time limit yet difficult topics.

मौखिक Reasoning Section 

The verbal reasoning section is done under 20 questions which include 6 text completion type questions, four-sentence making questions, and comprehension reading questions. The time slot given for it is 60 minutes. You have to ensure that you complete all the necessary things in the given time. The last section is quantitative reasoning which contains a total of 20 questions out of which there are 7 to 8 quantitative comparative questions and 12 to 13 problem-solving questions. You are given overall 70 minutes for this section with 35 minutes for the two sections each. There is no doubt in saying that the candidates who get the highest scores are the ones who have prepared adequately along with managing their time. Each of the two verbal sections constitutes 20 questions and you are asked to solve them in 30 minutes. This is the complete way of this exam.

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जीआरई Verbal Section Time: Here is the Structure 

The GRE has a definite and predefined structure for the examination with marking points. You must be aware of all the questions asked in different areas and it’s markings. The questions need to be answered according to the score it can provide and based on the proficiency the candidate has regarding the topic. The candidates need to focus on the pattern because if you understand it nicely, you will be able to score good marks. You must be prepared for it by practising the question papers beforehand. If you are looking for the GRE Verbal Section Time, here it is with all other details for you to know and acknowledge.

#1. Analytical Writing (One section with two separately timed tasks) with two numbers of questions which are “Analyze an Issue” task and  “Analyze an Argument” task – 30 minutes per task.

#2. Verbal Reasoning (Two sections) with 20 questions per section – 30 minutes per section.

#3. Quantitative Reasoning (Two sections) with 20 questions per section – 35 minutes per section.

#4. Unscored or Research Section where time and number of questions varies.

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समय Management for GRE Verbal Section 

Time management is the most crucial and critical thing to do for the GRE. It helps you to get better and high scores in the exam. The GRE itself appreciates the people who have learned to utilize their time effectively. You must have a clear idea of solving the questions in approximately 1.5 minutes. You must have a great time balancing approach to do it effectively. There is no unusual and angelic trick to get maximum marks but effectively scheduling everything. The exam is conducted with ease but the time needs to be monitored effectively. However, the given distribution of time can help you in knowing and analyzing how much a question can consume and how to answer it perfectly.

#1. One-Blank Text Completions – 40 seconds.

#2. Sentence Equivalence – 60 seconds.

#3. Two-Blank – 70 seconds.

#4. Three-Blank – 2 minutes.

#5. Short Reading Passage (including time to read the given passage) – 1:45 minutes.

#6. Long Reading Passage (including time to read the given passage) – 3:00 minutes.

यह भी पढ़ें: 45 दिनों में आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी कैसे करें


If you are reading this article, we hope that you get the answers to the questions asked. This examination is regarded as one of the toughest examinations because of its syllabus and marking criteria but the participants who crack it are the ones who put their determination into preparing for it with study and analysis. If you are one of the candidates for the GRE, you should practice the earlier question papers for self-judgment. This will help you to understand your weaknesses and strengths. A good university makes the career of the students. If you are looking for a great one for your future enrollments, you must give proper time and practice to it.

If you have any queries regarding its structure, marking criteria, way of preparing, or anything else, you can ask it by commenting below. We have highly intellectual professionals to teach and guide you at the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website. You are free to ask anything that is coming to your mind. We want to give you best wishes for your exam and recommend you to visit the website for resolving all the obstacles.

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