One of the common cue card topics for the IELTS speaking exam part 2 is ‘Talk about a uniform you wore in the past’. Another version of this topic could be describing a uniform that you currently wear. For this blog, the motive will be to guide you on what pointers to prepare for this topic through a sample answer.

For speaking on cue card topics in the IELTS exam, 1 minute will be given before the task starts. This is the time for quickly preparing the points that you are going to speak. Written notes always help at this time as they can be referred to at the time of speaking. The whole cue card task goes on for around 4-5 minutes, after which the examiner moves on to follow-up questions in the 3rd part of the IELTS exam for speaking.

IELTS Exam Sample Cue Card Answer – Talk about a Uniform that You Wore in the Past

For a uniform worn in the past, the most worthy option would be the school uniform. It is one uniform, the memory of which is etched in the mind of most people. You can also talk about a uniform which you wore in a college, during an outdoor activity, in a  workplace or any other institution or company. The following points can be included in the cue card speaking topic:

  • When did you wear it?
  • Where did you get it from?
  • What did it look like?
  • How did you feel about wearing it?

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Answer Introduction

Wearing a uniform gives an identity to the person with the institution or job he is associated with. It is a representation of discipline and adherence. There is one very special uniform which I wore in the past and I would take this opportunity to talk about it.

When did You Wear it?

Last year, I went for a week-long military training camp to Manesar as a part of my college curriculum. I wore the military uniform for that one week of training.

Where did You Get it From?

The camp was situated in the Manesar campus amidst the forest area, and we were given the uniforms once we reached there. We had to pick uniforms according to our size from the uniform store. The whole camp was supervised and controlled by retired military personnel from the Indian army. We were supposed to wear the uniform at all times, in all the activities that we had to perform that week.

What did it Look Like?

The uniform consisted of a shirt, a trouser, a belt, and a cap which were green camouflage coloured, just like army uniforms. The cloth material was a bit itchy, but the purpose was to make us live the life of real soldiers. Apart from that, the uniforms were really tough and durable, as they were stitched to withstand the training activities. The uniform kept up well with activities like march parade, rope climbing, paragliding, and sprinting.

How did You feel about Wearing It?

From the very moment I wore the uniform, I felt like a real soldier. Our supervisors told us about the pride and value that an army uniform holds, and we were more than obliged to be honoured with it. In all, the experience of the military camp was really challenging and tiring, but the uniform gave me the spirit to keep going and uphold the dignity of the activities. I would really love to be a part of such a camp again so that I can live the feeling of wearing that uniform once more.

Follow Up Questions for the IELTS Exam from Cue Card Topics

Once the task with cue card topics is over, the IELTS examiner will ask a few questions related to the task card. In the case of this topic, the questions can be relating to the importance of uniforms, appearances of people, clothing choices, and the like. Following are some sample follow up cue card topics questions with answers for the IELTS exam speaking task part 3:

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Should Companies Consult their Employees about Designing the Uniforms?

Yes, I do feel that companies should discuss uniform designs with their employees. Ultimately, the employees are the ones who are going to wear them, and they should have the option to get customizations according to their needs and comfort. The formal nature of uniforms will not be changed for obvious reasons. The employees will respect their uniforms and wear them with more pride, as they feel personal ownership of the clothing.

Can the Clothes tell about the Character of a Person?

It is not wise to say that the way a person dresses up, is the description of what their character or personality is. However, some factors like the colours of the dress, or the fitting may tell about the liking and preference of someone. But other than that, it will not be accurate to decipher what a person truly is just by their attire, until someone gets to know them personally.

Why should Children Wear Uniforms to School?

A uniform is an important element of a student’s life in school. It is a badge of identity for the institution, and a symbol of discipline. It creates respect among the students for their school and peers. It teaches the students to dress smartly and neatly and to take pride in what they wear, making them confident. When all the students wear a common uniform, it creates a very systematic functioning in all school activities, and there is no distraction in terms of students worrying about their appearances.


With all things said, you are now well informed about the nature of the cue card topics and what to expect from them. The only thing that should be taken care of is the delivery of the speech. The language should ideally not be too informal, as one may forget this factor while speaking. A flexible vocabulary and good pronunciation will pave your way for a great score.

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