Singapore Citizenship Visa is a relocation option that requires foreign workers and businessmen to stay permanently in this island country and enjoy the privileges and benefits that Singaporean citizens enjoy.

This would include freedom of enterprise and jobs, the Central Provident Fund (CPF), higher education prices, more universal healthcare, etc. The PR framework considers all you have and will add to this island country from the day you walk on the sunshine island.

Is it hard to get a Singapore PR for Indian? Get to know by reading this blog till the end

Benefits of PR in Singapore

  • Rather than having applied for distinct visas to operate or fly, reside, access and leave the nation. You will get a Blue Card which will serve as your declaration of identification.
  • Have included a partner in the PR application and unmarried children under 21. They are elevated on the preference list, aside from citizens, to attend public schools of their own choice if your offspring are school-aged.
  • Request for your guardians’ long-stay visas.
  • Switch occupations openly despite needing to re-apply for a working visa. You will have to revoke your older visa and start applying for a fresh one if you have a work-related visa and wish to switch jobs, at the expense of delay or refusal.

More Benefits of PR in Singapore for Indian Students

  • Achieve the financial and tax advantages offered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system of this island country. In the CPF program, you and your spouse commit to your retirement fund a minimum monthly sum that can be used for healthcare, homeownership, social security and wealth development criteria
  • Apply to borrow several debts, such as mortgage loans to buy houses, to get a higher preference. Singapore PR holders are now entitled to buy state HDB flats for second-hand structures
  • After some years of having permanent resident citizenship, you will be entitled to qualify for full residency, where you will be able to receive a passport and possess the very same privileges as domestic residents.

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Study in Singapore – PR in Singapore for Indian Students

World Class Education

Singapore is host to personal and community colleges of the global leader class, which have a number of facilities on site.

What allows Singapore universities an advantage is their affiliation with several other academics across the world, accessibility and clear business relations that perform a critical position at the end of the term during work placements.

Famous Universities

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore National University (NUS) and Singapore Management University are three of the prominent campuses in Singapore (SMU).

There are also several colleges offering industry-oriented programs. Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic are among the respectable polytechnics. Professional studies in industry, technology, multimedia and applied sciences are also offered by the island country.

Foreign Students Friendly

This island country is the place for anyone. The island country is home to a broad global students population that enables students to be exposed to a diversity of cultures. Singapore sees most of its overseas students arrive from the UK and several European nations as a go-to location for global education.

The global colleges of outstanding international colleges, such as Curtin University of Australia, Nevada University of the USA and Shanghai Jiaotong University of China, are host to several educational institutions in Singapore. This encourages students to decide from either a multitude of possibilities, even though they are in college, which opens them to societies around the globe

Affordable Fee

Education in Singapore might indeed be not quite cost-effective, but relative to quite costly locations like the UK, the USA and Australia, it is far better in terms of being cost-effective. In this island country., the annual average university tuition will run to USD 12,000 per annum.

Annual fees can increase to USD 45,074 for an entire MBA program at a prestigious foreign institution like the National University of Singapore Business School. The luxury of subsidized tuition is what renders Singapore a perfect location for intermediate schooling.

Cost of Living

This island country is a perfect location to reside as it offers the best amenities at affordable prices when it gets down to recreation, amusement, health insurance, accommodation as well as other services. In Singapore, the monthly living expenses for foreign learners are around 750 and 2,000 SGD. Here, international learners are provided with the choice of staying in residence halls, academic hostels, personal hostels or in private flats.

Job Opportunities

Singapore is the destination if you are a student with a low budget since it has a wonderful part-time job scheme for operating learners. Foreign students on a Student Pass are entitled to find employment part-time for 16 hours a week during the length of their programs and for exceeding hours during the holiday season, according to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.

Students should note, nonetheless, that unless their institution allows a part-time job system their access to this service is based on it. Besides that, Singapore also provides academics students with a number of possibilities.


Apart from academic institutions, this island country is also responsible for a number of leisure sites. The island nation is a fascinating destination for foreign students, with a vibrant environment of nature and animals, flora and fauna, lakes and natural areas. The avenues of Singapore are lined with shopping centres, exhibitions and eateries for students to enjoy themselves if you love taking a walk.

Good Connectivity

It is a major advantage for Singapore to be linked to one of the busiest and excellently airlines in the globe.  Changi Airport has more than 100 carriers linking about 300 places around the globe allowing foreign students to fly to every part of the globe.

This airport has a total of four local carriers, which includes Tiger Airways and Scoot, the internationally famous Singapore Airlines and discount airlines. This country’s increasing growth of Indian students has contributed to the addition of daily flights at reasonable rates to several cities across India.

सिंगापुर पीआर प्रक्रिया

So how to get PR in Singapore for Indians? Here’s how –

Eligibility of Singapore PR Visa

You may be eligible for PR Visa if you are 

  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen 
  • Unmarried child aged < 21 born with the context of legal marriage to, or legally adopted by an SC or PR
  • Aged parent of a citizen
  • Employment Pass or S Pass holder
  • Student studying in this island country
  • Foreign investor in this island country

यह भी पढ़ें: यदि आपका आईईएलटीएस बैंड स्कोर आप्रवासन के लिए आवेदन करने के लिए पर्याप्त अच्छा नहीं है तो क्या होगा?

Types of PR in Singapore – Singapore PR Process

Scheme 1

This method is ideal for people who are already employed for a specific amount of duration here in this island country. When a form is submitted for approval, the more a foreign person has served and added to the development of the country the higher it appears on the screen.

Accordingly, when candidates are considered for their nomination by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), it will be focused on their personal and technical credentials, which they have gained and developed through the time while employed in this island country. And hence, if an individual is a functioning expert and they already possess an Employment Pass or S Pass and expect to request a permanent resident visa in the coming years, preparing and building an outstanding career portfolio is extremely important.

Scheme 2

Global Investor Program is a scheme which is ideal for international entrepreneurs who are ready to spend at least SGD $2.5 million in a young start-up company, an established enterprise or a GIP-approved fund. Ready and willing investors must have a strong entrepreneurship experience, a smart business with a good track record, and a planned financial strategy.

Scheme 3

This island country has established a unique program for international talents who would like to migrate to this island country in an attempt to become something of a cultural centre in South East Asia. In connection to the literature, theatre or cinematic speciality, this method allows specialists who work in that industry, fashion, theatre, videography sector to travel to this island country.

this island country needs everyone if they are ready to utilize their skills to develop the rising art scene. Artists seeking to qualify for this procedure must remember that their only condition is that they must be globally known in a reasonable fashion.


It is permissible for someone to request permanent residence in this island country. Only eligible persons will, nevertheless, be accepted. Individuals will be tested for their age, level of education, approved language skill, second agency dialect, and job knowledge to find out whether they are eligible for a long-term residence permit. 

Because of Covid’s influence, the financial sector has taken a toll and uncertainty in everyone’s jobs have arisen, many foreign nationals are reluctant to request. People probably have a significantly better opportunity to obtain PR with fewer applicants requesting. As there is just less demand from everyone at the moment. Practice a lot to crack the IELTS Exam with a good IELTS band score.  

यह भी पढ़ें: अपना आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग स्कोर कैसे सुधारें? आप अपने अंग्रेजी बोलने के प्रवाह को कैसे सुधार सकते हैं?

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