Studying abroad poses challenges and hurdles. Amongst such challenges is demonstrating the knowledge and command of the English language. This is needed if you want to pursue your journey of studying abroad in top colleges like Sheridan College in Canada.

However, there are several tests that aspiring students can take to demonstrate their proof of proficiency and command of the English language. English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE are valid for almost all top-ranking universities in Canada.

Aspiring students can easily crack exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc., with well-balanced practise and proper time management. A good English proficiency score will aid students with their college admission.

Sheridan College at a Glance

Based in Ontario, Canada, Sheridan College is a coveted postsecondary institution that offers several undergraduate, certificate and graduate programs to aspiring students. Sheridan College ranked first in the top 100 international animation schools in the year 2012. It is highly acclaimed for students who wish to pursue an animation degree. The college is a coveted polytechnic institute and offers expertise in educational programming.

The different degrees offered by the institute include Business, Applied Health, Arts and Applied Health, and Social Science. The institute boasts around 120 programs that also include 25 degree programs that are distributed amongst 5 faculties. More than 8,700 international students take admission to this distinguished institute annually.

The college has applicants from more than 120 countries and accepts aspiring students from various language backgrounds. However, to successfully enrol in any degree or certification program, applicants must have strong writing and listening skills to take full advantage of the desired program. The college bases its admission for aspiring applicants on language proficiency and academic performance for students who don’t have English as their first language.

The institute has different levels for admission for various programs with specific eligibility criteria. For the postgraduate degree, an applicant must possess a post-secondary degree along with work experience in a related field. The college also requires students to possess computer literacy. The IELTS requirement for international students could be demonstrated by undergoing tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.

शेरिडन कॉलेज आईईएलटीएस आवश्यकताएँ

A student who is keen on pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs from Sheridan College should have a clear understanding of the TOEFL and IELTS requirements. As for the TOEFL requirement, the internet-based scores must exceed 88, special–home edition scores should be more than 88, and paper-based scores should exceed 570. The IELTS requirement for Sheridan College for the degree program should be a minimum of 6.5, and no IELTS band score should be below 6.

The certification and diploma program should be a minimum of 6.0 for admission, and no IELTS band score should be below 5.5. The PTE score should be 60 for the degree program and 58 for the certificate and diploma program.

How to Choose an IELTS Coaching Institute?

All students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad may not be proficient in the English language and may need assistance. If a candidate feels that they lack proficiency in the English language, it is better to take IELTS coaching so that they can score good grades. It will allow them to understand the format and do well in the actual test. However, choosing the right IELTS coaching institute is crucial for ensuring that students ace the test. Listed below are a few pointers on how to choose an IELTS coaching institute.

Opt for a Leading Institute

A leading IELTS coaching institute has already established its reputation with success stories to its name. Therefore, students will be assured that the quality of education is high, and their chances of scoring a good grade in IELTS are high too. Most cities across the country have several renowned IELTS coaching institutes that offer correct guidance. They also have a good learning environment conducive for IELTS preparation for aspiring students at affordable rates.

Course Fee

It is a crucial factor to consider when opting for the IELTS coaching institute. The student must ensure that the institute they are opting for offers its course at an affordable rate. They should also ensure that they are not being robbed by paying an over-the-top course fee. The student should research the average fee structure within their city or location to ensure that the course fee is reasonable and within their desired financial budget. It is best to not choose a cheap or extremely expensive IELTS coaching institute to get value-added service.

Student Reviews

Another great way to understand the quality of education imparted in any IELTS coaching institute is to look for student reviews or testimonials on the institute website. These reviews are often unbiased and provide for a firsthand experience of past students. It will aid students to finalise the IELTS coaching institute that they want to enrol in.


Faculty is of prime importance as these experts will guide students through the course and help them score good marks in the IELTS exam. Students should look at the credentials of the faculty on the institute website or enquire about their IELTS scores to ensure that they are making an informed decision.

Past Results

Students should also check the past results of the students of their preferred IELTS coaching institute. It will give them a clear idea of how many students have enrolled and have successfully attended notable universities abroad. It will subsequently increase their chances of getting high scores on English language proficiency tests.

Ask Relevant Questions

Many students are afraid to ask questions when enrolling in any IELTS coaching institute. However, this may later pose a problem, and students could regret their decision. Choosing the wrong IELTS coaching institute can lead to loss of money, energy and time. Students must enquire about everything beforehand to ensure that they are making the right decision.


Sheridan College has become the preferred choice for many international students who desire career-focused programs, a quality learning approach, and a bright future ahead. Meeting the IELTS requirement for Sheridan College is a crucial part of the admission process.

Students must score well in the English proficiency test to increase their chances of studying in such a bespoke institute. Several offline and online IELTS coaching institutes provide quality learning environments and resources to help you achieve high IELTS scores with ease.

आईईएलटीएस निंजा, an online platform, is a promising and trusted institute that provides IELTS coaching to students at economical rates. The institute has an immaculate track record of guiding aspiring students with IELTS preparation from expert professionals at a personal level. These experts help students with test-taking strategies, question types and the format of the IELTS exams.

The personalised sessions offered by the institute to students can be planned and can be accessed from anywhere. The institute also provides students with test papers, books, and updated mock exams to guide students through IELTS preparation. To know more about the IELTS exam and course fee, visit our website today.

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