From its founding in 1967, Sheridan has grown from being a local college with 400 students to becoming one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions. Known for its innovative and interdisciplinary programs, Sheridan attracts students from all over Canada and the world. Over 175,000 alumni of Sheridan are active in shaping the future of society through their contribution to the arts, community service, health, technology, business, and skilled trades.

Sheridan College Canada Campus

The college has three campuses in three Ontario cities – Brampton, Oakville and Mississauga.

#. With a student population of 5,594 and 33 programs provided, Hazel McCallion Campus is located in Mississauga. There is also a school of business called the Pilon School of Business.

#. There are 10,697 students enrolled at Davis Campus, located in Brampton, and 69 programs are available.

#. The Oakville campus offers 45 different programs and has a student enrollment of 8,225.

is sheridan college a government or private

Sheridan College Canada Programs

There are more than 130 programs across five faculties at Sheridan, including 25 degree programs.

The following are a few of Sheridan College’s most popular programs:

#. Graduate Certificate in International Business Management

#. B.C.S Mobile Computing

#. Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Mechanical Engineering

#. Bachelors in Applied Information Sciences – Information Systems Security

#. B.Eng Electrical Engineering

#. Bachelor of Interaction Design

#. Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing

#. Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting

#. Bachelor of Craft and Design – Ceramics

#. Bachelor of Animation

Sheridan College Canada Rankings

As per the rankings published by Research Infosource Inc. in 2020, Sheridan College was recognised as one of Canada’s Top 5 Research Colleges. Another similar report also recognised Sheridan College as one of the top five colleges in the categories of student researchers, research partnerships, income and intensity. Sheridan College continues to rank first in the completed research projects category with 180 completed research projects.

Is Sheridan a College or University?

Although it’s a college, Sheridan has become an institution that caters to the needs of a truly modern learning environment. The downtown Mississauga campus, Hazel McCallion Campus, is named after a former mayor. In this building, the architecture offers a contemporary structure that is both stunning and functional that beautifully complements the Square One area.

In the past few years, Sheridan College has become more recognised for its educational stature, geographic location, and academic excellence, giving way to its transition to Sheridan University.

Is Sheridan College a Government or Private College?

It is a public (government) college whose primary funding comes from the national government or state government. This institution is publicly subsidised, which makes it affordable for students.

sheridan college canada

Private colleges in Canada tend to be more economical for international students than public colleges. The level of English necessary to enrol in a private college is also lower than that required by public colleges. As a result, students in a public college may be admitted with an IELTS band score of 6 – 6.5, while those enrolling in a private college may require an IELTS band score of 5.5 – 6.

Life at Sheridan College Canada

sheridan college canada feeIt is important to have experiences outside of the classroom for an inspiring education. With Sheridan, you’ll be surrounded by students who are passionate about exploring extracurricular opportunities on campus, in their local communities, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


The residence facility provides fully furnished, smoke-free, air-conditioned accommodations in the style of suites with two bedrooms. Residence buildings have controlled-access entry and on-campus staff that is available 24 hours a day. The campus offers plenty of common spaces to relax and unwind: game rooms, movie theatres, kitchens, study areas, and fitness rooms.


More than 50 Sheridan Clubs are available for registration – or you can create your own! Here, you can find interior design clubs, dance clubs, ping-pong clubs, LGBTQ clubs and more!


Sheridan offers plenty of options for exercising and staying in shape. There is an extensive selection of athletic facilities at the college, ranging from double gyms for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and badminton to weight rooms, squash courts and outdoor fields.

In a nutshell, you’ll be exposed to a creative and fun learning environment!

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