IELTS stands for International English Language Test System. It is an English language assessment test conducted worldwide for students and people who wish to study in an English-speaking country. It is essential to appear in this test or an equivalent of the same for anyone who wishes to study, work or migrate to a foreign country.

The IELTS has four different sections: IELTS Reading, IELTS Speaking, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Listening. आईईएलटीएस पढ़ना consists of an Academic module and a General module.

The Academic module has a 60-minute reading test which consists of three sections and 40 questions to answer. The passages are taken from varied sources and have a very specific and different genre from each other. The level of difficulty varies from passage to passage and question to question.

In the below passage of reading answers of migratory beekeeping, you will have to solve questions like 1. Flow-chart completion, 2. Diagram labelling, and 3. Identifying information: True/False/Not Given.

Migratory Beekeeping IELTS Reading Passage

भाग ए

Around 2000 beekeepers of the nations travel North every year to find more flowers for their bees to aid their beekeeping. Apart from collecting sweet nectar from flowers to make honey, they also pollinate. For this, the beekeepers in autumn move to the south with their beehives to fertile California‘s Central Valley.

Of the total 2000 beekeepers, around half of them follow a pattern, i.e., move North in summers and then South in winter. This helps bees to work longer, generating more honey resulting in making more money for the beekeepers. Also, the beekeepers move their bee-hives to the needy farmers that need the bees to pollinate their crops.

This migratory beekeeping has been going on for ages. For instance, in ancient Egypt, the people moved the clay hives, mostly on several rafts, through the Nile river to Cairo. To experiment and follow the same, the North American beekeepers in the early 1880s moved their wooden hives along the river of Mississippi towards Florida.

भाग बी

However, the light wooden hives kept on falling into the river. Many others also tried the same to move the hives through rails or roads, but nothing worked. However, all of it started working out after roads and cars began to evolve technologically.

Talking about the beekeepers from California, the beekeeping season begins right from February, when the farmers need the bees for their groves. It is stated that around two beehives are needed for every acre. The hives are rented out by the farmers at approximately 32 dollars for the pollination that is sure to go on for at least three weeks. This is also a plus point, as the majority of the people do not like the bitter almond honey resulting in the bees keeping the same for themselves.

भाग सी

Bees are relocated by early March. Packing the 4000 or more hives that a beekeeper may own can take up to seven nights. They are not moved during the day since many bees would end up homeless if moved during the daytime. The hives are stacked into pallets at night, back-to-back in sets of four, and loaded on a truck. Gloves and beekeeper’s veil are not required when hives are not opened. When hives are closed, the bees remain quiet. If some bees remain active, a few puffs of smoke blown into each hive’s small entrance can calm them down.

The beekeeper pays the farmer to allow his bees to forage in places such as orange orchards at their new location. The honey produced here is fragrant and tasty, and the beekeepers can sell it. Beekeepers open up the hives and stack on top the extra boxes called Supers to encourage the bees to produce as much honey as possible during this period.

(The above is just a summary extract of the whole रास्ता)

Following are some of the migratory beekeeping reading answers and questions:

Migratory Beekeeping IELTS Reading Answers and Questions

Questions 8-11

Label the diagram below using one/two words from the passage for each answer.

IELTS Reading Answers#8 Comb

#9 Frames

#10 Screen

#11 Brood Chamber

Questions 12-15

Do the following statements agree with the information provided in the Reading Passage? In questions 12-15, write:

YES, if the statement is as per the provided information in the passage.

NO, if the statement opposes the information in the passage.

NOT GIVEN, if there is no data about the same in the passage.

#12 The bees are kept by Egyptians on the banks of the Nile river

उत्तर: नहीं दिया

#13 The first attempt of migratory beekeeping in America was not successful

उत्तर: YES

#14 Bees keep honey for themselves at the bottom of the hive

उत्तर: YES

#15 To make it liquid, honey is spun around

उत्तर: NO


आपकी मदद करने के लिए आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा reading answers’ preparation, you should read as many written materials as possible. Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, articles, periodicals, journals, etc., can prove to be an excellent reading source. Another way you can practice for the test is by practising the previous test’s material and passages just like the reading answers to migratory beekeeping mentioned above

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