IELTS exams i.e., International English Language Test are specially designed to aid you in migrating, studying, or working in an English native region or country. The scores of this test are recognized and accepted by various employers, schools, and government officials in countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.

In this test, your ability to comprehend, listen, write and speak the English language efficiently is graded. IELTS is owned and supported by the IDP IELTS Australia, the British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English. It covers four different sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Another famous English language test is the TOEFL.

How are IELTS and TOEFL Different from Each Other?

IELTS is mainly a multiple-choice exam, whereas the टॉफेल expects answers to various sorts of questions like short answers, essays, and gap fillings. They also differ in the time limit. TOEFL is a four-hour exam, whereas IELTS is a short one with it spanning approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

What is IELTS Reading?

IELTS reading answers consist of three to four reading passages, each with an increased difficulty level than the last; reading is the second part of the English test. It is a 60-minute test. The passage is accompanied by several questions and answers that can be found by reading the passage carefully. There are in total 40 questions to answer.

The reading passages aim to test your reading skills and comprehension skills.

About the Topic of the Impact of Wilderness Tourism

‘The impact of wilderness tourism’ is an academic passage that has appeared in the IELTS reading test.

Summary of the passage:

भाग ए

Remote area tourism is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. It doesn’t require much investment to maintain. However, since the areas like forests, deserts, islands, and more are all part of the natural ecosystem, they are more vulnerable to excess pressure. The natural habitats of the same are suffering.

The tourism in these areas is limited to a few months only due to the harsh conditions they display. Tourists looking for nature and wilderness are the most attracted to these regions. And the countries owning such splendid natural marvels are mostly developing countries, so they welcome such tourists with open arms. This serves as a big source of income for many countries.

भाग बी

This kind of tourism has changed the lives of the habitats living in such areas. Since they find more money in providing services to the tourists rather than farming or working on their fields, they give that up. This affects the food supply as there isn’t enough food grown in the terrains and mountains. So, the people in the region look outside for food supplies.

Another negative impact of wilderness tourists is its impact on the natural flora and fauna of the region. The soil is eroded, and more trees are used up for the tourists. Also, the vulnerable water resources of the region are affected by the same.

भाग सी

However, this need not be bad at all. The damaging effects can always be minimized. People can always look for reinvigorating local societies and cultures. In fact, regions in Nepal and Switzerland have already accepted the fact that tourism is the major source of their income and are incorporating several measures to deal with the ill effects of hosting wilderness tourism in their region.

No matter what, it is still infuriating for some countries and communities to have foreign tourists meddle in their daily way of life. As mentioned above, as some communities are taking steps to control the impact tourists have in their community, it should become a norm everywhere rather than an exception.

Questions with Answers

For Question 1-3

Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of headings below,

Write the correct numbers I-VI in boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet

मैं The expansion of international tourism in recent years
II How local communities can balance their own needs with the demands of wilderness tourism
III Traditional methods of food supply in fragile regions
IV Some of the disruptive effects of wilderness tourism
V The economic impact of mass tourism

Section A- iii

Section B- v

Section C- ii

Questions 4-9

Do the following sentences reflect the opinion of the writer of Reading Passage?

Yes – If the statement reflects the opinion of the writer

No – If the statement contradicts the opinion of the writer.

Not Given – If it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this.

Q: The low financial cost of setting up wilderness tourism makes it attractive to many countries.

A: Yes

Q: Deserts, mountains, and Arctic regions are examples of environments that are both ecologically and culturally fragile.

A: Yes

Q: Wilderness tourism operates throughout the year in fragile areas.

A: No

Q: The spread of tourism in certain hill regions to one-stop has resulted in a fall in the amount of food produced locally.

A: Yes

Q: Traditional food-gathering in desert societies was done evenly over the year.

A: No

Q: Government handouts do more damage than tourism does to traditional patterns of food-gathering.

A: Not Given

Questions 10-13

Complete the table below.

Select ONE WORD from Reading Passage for each of the following answers.

The positive ways in which local communities have responded to tourism

People/Location Activity
Swiss Pays D’Enhuat Revived production of

Answer: Cheese

Arctic communities Operate_ businesses

Answer: Tourism/Tourist/Tour

Acoma and San lldefonso Produce and sell

Answer: Pottery

Navajo and Hopi Produce and sell

Answer: Jewellery


To ace, your आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी read as many passages as you can and try to answer the related questions within the time limit. The above passage can also serve as a great source of practice.

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