IELTS Speaking Cue Card

             Talk about a situation that made you laugh. Please say:
                           -What was the situation?
                           -When was it?
                           -Who was there with you?
                           -Why did it make you laugh?

IELTS Speaking Task Answer

Laughing, as saying goes, is the best medicine. But, there should be a reason to laugh. Funny  situations, incidents and jokes make us laugh. Here I would like to talk about a funny incident that made me laugh.
Here, I would like to talk about  an occasion when I really had a hearty laugh. Actually, it was the marriage of my cousin. It is well known that in Indian weddings, it is a tradition in which the friends and relatives of the groom play pranks on the people from the bride’s side and vice-versa.  But here the groom’s friends were very careful and smart. They did not want to be trapped  in any situation where they could be caught on a wrong foot. They were with the groom like his shadow all the time and did not leave him even for a second. Also they guarded his belongings very carefully.
In fact, the youngsters from the bride’s side were looking for an opportunity where they could play a prank or two on their opponents. However, all the rituals were being carried out one after the other.  Consequently there was an air of solemnity all around.
In fact, only the last ritual was to be held. Here the boy had to sit on a seat alone. When he came and sat on that special seat, there was a loud crackling noise. The poor chap was not able to understand from where that noise came and looked perplexed. As a result, all the guest present there stared laughing out loudly. The poor chap unknowingly sat on the seat which had broken egg shells spread underneath. Actually the arrangement was made in such a manner that no one was able to suspect. The poor boy was stunned as everybody laughed at his plight. It tickled my funny bones too. Furthermore, it brings a smile on my face, whenever I remember this moment.

IELTS Speaking Task 3

Q.1. Do you think sense of humour is important? Why? Why not?

Ans. Yes, of course, sense of humour is very important. A person should be able to laugh at little things around him. A person with a good sense of humour is liked by all and becomes popular among his acquaintances.

Q.2. Do you like movies or TV shows that make you laugh?

Ans. Yes, definitely I am very fond of these type of movies and shows. They make me laugh and act as stress busters.

Q.3. Is humour easy to translate from one language to other?

Ans. No, I don’t think that it is easy to translate humour from one language to other as the wit is lost in translation. Every language has its own charm and same is true in case of humour.  The  humour looks insipid and flat when translated.

Q.4. Are there jokes in your language that are hard to translate?

Ans. Yes, there are some jokes of this kind. Such jokes when translated to other language lose their humour and do not incite laughter.

Q.5. Can humour be useful in learning another language? In what way?

Ans. A touch of humour can make the learning of another  language interesting. In this way it can be useful.
Now that you know how to attempt IELTS Speaking Task, what would you your answers to the IELTS speaking Cue card? Post your answer in the comment section below.

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