IELTS is the standardized exam to check the English proficiency of the test taker. It is widely accepted by more than 11,000 organizations globally. Test takers take this test to get admission to a foreign university or move abroad for work or business purposes.

Most of the students find IELTS speaking difficult to crack. However, with proper practice and strategy, you can easily ace this part of IELTS. Here in this article, you will find general questions for IELTS speaking 2021 and answers. It will cover all parts of the IELTS speaking test including part 1, part 2 and part 3.

आईईएलटीएस बोल रहा हूँ

The IELTS speaking test includes a face-to-face interview between the interviewer and an examiner. It contains three parts including introduction & interview, long turn and discussion.

# Speaking Part 1 (Introduction and Interview): This part lasts for 4 to 5 minutes and here candidates have to answer general questions related to him such as home, family, work, studies, hobbies, interests, reasons, etc.

# Speaking Part 2 (long turn): In this part test, takers are given a cue card with a topic. After this, they will have one minute to prepare for the topic and then speak for at least 2 minutes continuously. After this, the examiner will ask 1-2 counter-questions on it.

# Speaking Part 3 (discussions): This section involves a discussion with the test taker. They will have to discuss the same topic they have already spoken about.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस बोलने के लिए शब्दावली शब्द: उदाहरणों के साथ विषय से संबंधित शब्दावली की सूची

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 1- Introduction and Interview

In this part, test takers have to answer some questions on general topics related to him such as work, study, home, location, advertisement, hometown, etc. This part is designed to test the basic ability of the candidates to adapt and answer daily questions in an English speaking country.


Face to face interview with the examiner (4-5 minutes)

12 Questions on 3 Topics


IELTS Speaking Part 1: Common Topic List


# कार्य

# Study

# hometown

# home

# कला

# Birthday

# Childhood

# कपड़े

# Computers

# Daily Routine

# परिवार

# Friends

# भोजन

# hobbies

# Interest

# Music

# Reading

# TV

# मौसम

# Leisure Time

# Neighbors

# Pets

# पुस्तकें

IELTS Speaking Part 1- Expected Questions 2021-2022

Here are some solved IELTS speaking topic questions:



# Where do you work?

# What do you like about your job?





# Where do you study?

# Why did you choose that subject?




# Where is your hometown?

# How often do you visit your hometown?





# Where do you reside?

# Describe a place where you like to visit.



Family & Friends


# How many members are there in your family?

# Who is your best friend?





# What is your favourite food?

# Describe a food you dislike.





# Describe your hobbies.

# Why do you like that?





# What do you do in your leisure time?

# Do you spend your leisure time alone or with others?





# Do you love to listen to music?

# Do you like to sing?





# Do you like to read books?

# आपकी पसंदीदा पुस्तक कौन सी है?





# Which animal do you prefer as a pet?

# Do you have a pet?





# What is the weather type in your country?

# What is your favourite weather?



यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग क्यू कार्ड प्रश्न 2021 में महारत हासिल करने के लिए 7 युक्तियाँ: बेहतर बैंड स्कोर के लिए एक गाइड

IELTS Speaking Part 2- Cue Cards

In this part of IELTS Speaking, test takers have to pick a random cue card with a topic and speak about it for at least one minute continuously. This task focuses on the conversational skills of the candidates.

Speaking Topics for  IELTS: Part 2 Common Topics







Festival or Cultural Event











यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस पिछले वर्ष के प्रश्न पत्र: उत्तर 2021-2022 के साथ स्पीकिंग क्यू कार्ड प्रश्न

ILETS Speaking Part 2- Expected Questions 2021

Cue Card (Travel)

Describe a situation when you were travelling and your car had a breakdown.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  Where you were going

·  With whom you were going? Where you were going

·  How did you handle the situation? Where you were going



Cue Card (Media)

Describe a game show or a quiz program you watched on TV or online.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  Where you watched it

·  What it was like

·  How often you watched it

·  How you liked it



Cue Card (Sports)

Describe a water sport you want to try

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  What it is

·  Why you want to try

·  Explain where you’ll try it.



Cue Card (Person)

Describe a person with who you would like to study or work.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  Who this person is

·  How long you have known this person Who this person is

·  What you have done together Who this person is

·  In addition, explain why you would like to work/study with this person.



Cue Card( internet)


Talk about a problem solved through the Internet.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  What was the problem?

·  How did you find a solution?

·  How long did it take to fix it?

·  explain how did you feel about it



Cue Card (Favorite Person)

Talk about an interesting conversation you had with someone.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  Whom you were talking with?

·  What and when it was?

·  In addition, explain how you felt after that. Whom you were talking with?


IELTS Speaking Topics with Answer: Part-2

Cue Card (Education)

Describe a place where you can read and write (not your home).

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  Where is it?

·  How often do you go there?

·  In addition, explain why it is a better place to read and write?



#1. There are not many places where I can study. It’s comfortable at home but if I only can think of one place, the Library. A library is a place where thousands of books are kept for anyone to read. Moreover, this is one of my favourite places to visit in my leisure time.

I often visit the library whenever I have time. I am a bibliophile and hence no other place is as exciting as a library. Recently I went to the library a week before to study a non-fictional book.

It is one of the best places to study besides the classroom and home, especially for hostel students. The library has a studious, peaceful and calm environment that helps me to focus better. Moreover, I can access any books to help me whenever I want. It has a table and chair for everyone to sit and study.

No one disturbs you there in fact everyone is busy with his or her books. In that studious environment, I can easily read and write. Sometimes when someone visits my home I voluntarily go there to study.

Another Sample

Cue Card (Object)

Describe something special you brought back home from a holiday.

तुम्हें कहना चाहिए:

·  What was it?

·  When was it?

·  When and Where you bought it.

·  Why did you buy it?

·  Explain how you felt about it?


#2. Previous this month we went on a road trip to Manali. It was one of the places on my bucket list and therefore I want extremely overjoyed. However, this happiness was increased ten-fold as I met my best friend over there. On the trip, I found a small puppy abandoned by its owner on a street.

When I was loitering around the famous market of Manali, I heard a small cry. I walked over the direction and found a small Labrador pup sitting in a cardboard box. It was so cold there that he was shivering badly. I immediately took him and covered him in my coat. It seemed that he was abandoned by his owner.

I am a do-lover but never found a perfect chance to bring a dog home. However, here I was with a small and cute puppy in my hand. I immediately took him to the nearby vet and then to my hotel. I showed him to my parents and requested permission to take him home.

After lots of pleas and promises, my parents agreed. I was extremely elated to hear this. Dogs are the best friends of humans. They are loyal and obedient. It has been just a month but I feel like he is a part of my family.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस बोलने के लिए शीर्ष मुहावरे और वाक्यांश: मुहावरे तेजी से सीखने के लिए टिप्स और ट्रिक्स

IELTS Speaking Part 3-Discussions

In this part, the examiner will ask broader questions on the similar topic of part 2. He will expect you to elaborate the question in a broad sense and cite examples from real life.

ILETS Speaking Part 3- Expected Questions 2021


# What role does family play in the life of an individual?

# How has the size of the family shifted in the last few decades?

# Who is responsible for spoiled children: strict parents or protective ones?

# Are grandparents an important part of a family?

# Which is better: Joint family or Nuclear family?



# What are the characteristics of a model student?

# How does a teacher mould a student’s life?

# How is the education system in your country?

# Can a robot replace the teacher in upcoming years?

# State some impacts of digital learning on students.



# What is the importance of a balanced diet?

# What is the staple food in your country?

# What do people prefer to eat more: snacks or healthy foods?

# What is the importance of food in our life?

# Do you think junk food is the cause of obesity?



# What is the impact of travelling on people?

# Do you think people should spare some time for travelling?

# Do travelling have some educational impact on students?

# How do you prefer travelling and why?

# Which is the safest country to travel to and why?


General Topics

# What is the importance of work-life balance in the life of an individual?

# How has technology affected our life?

# What roles does society play in an individual’s life?

# What are the major causes of pollution in your country?

# How has the internet helped in this Covid times?

IELTS Speaking Part-3: Solved Question and Answer

# What is the difference between restaurant food and home food?

Food is important for us humans as it provides us energy to move on. However, today the meaning of food has changed greatly. Now people listen to their taste when selecting food and therefore they have a hard time choosing between restaurant food and a home-cooked meal.

Before we eat our food, we eat it by our eyes and nose and this is what a restaurant chefs targets. They attractively present a simple dish to please our senses and hence many people prefer restaurant food.

On the other hand, a home-cooked meal is a nutritious meal. However, it is not beautifully presented; rather, it is more of a comfortable meal. This does not please our sense and therefore people incline towards restaurant food more. However, if we compare in terms of nutrition and benefits, home-cooked meals are the best.

# What is the importance of family in your country?

I live in India and my family plays a crucial role in an individual’s life. Every decision of an individual is influenced or revolves around his family. The head of the family is the sun around which other members revolve. He is the wisest of all and therefore it is an unspoken rule to follow his command.

Moreover, family plays an important role in shaping personality. They impart moral values and ethics to a child and help them to grow as a good human.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग भाग 3 विषय 2021: आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग टेस्ट के लिए प्रश्न उत्तर और विषय


These were some important and expected questions of IELTS 2021. In IELTS, several questions are repeated and they are subjective. Therefore, all you need to have is a proper understanding of the questions.

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