“I have 4 months to prepare but I have no idea how to optimize this time or which sections I, particularly, should focus on”. 

“I don’t know what level I’m at and what is an achievable band because I don’t get enough time with the trainer”

“I have a full-time job, it feels impossible to accommodate a classroom session into my daily routine.”

The above statements came up as some very relevant but persistent problems that most IELTS aspirants face when they choose to join a coaching class. Individual focus, customization, comfort of access and private time with a mentor are all challenges that come with choosing the classroom method.

So is online training for IELTS the answer to any of the above problems? Yes! And here’s how आईईएलटीएस निंजा has helped more than 30,000 students get their desired IELTS band.

1. Personal Mentorship Over Skype and Phone

Personal Mentor

A personal mentor is responsible for your IELTS journey and your desired band. A personal mentor will know your current level, your target band and how much time you have in hand to prepare.

The trainer will subsequently dedicate more time to your weaker sections making sure your overall score gets a boost. A diagnostic test is done to establish your strengths and weaknesses before the course commences. A customized plan is built basis the results with the help of your trainer.  

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All our trainers are certified language experts trained to guide you in your IELTS journey. 

2.Unlimited Access To Video Lectures

Sample Video Lectures

We understand that working professionals barely have time to themselves and like to maintain work life balance. This is where video lectures come in hand

Video tutorials and classes can be accessed anytime with an internet enabled device, converting your commute time to study time, effectively.

The video lectures will help you revisit concepts that are bound to fade overtime. You don’t have to make notes, carry bulky books, commute at odd hours and worry about gathering study material with online courses.

3. Diagnostic and regular mock tests

Daily evaluation will make sure that you are aware of how much you grasp from each lesson. Consequently, every Saturday and Sunday you will receive mock tests to help you stay abreast with the paper format and get used to the time constraints.

You will also have a dashboard to track your progress and past performance.

This is our secret formula which will ensure you get an 8 Band without a doubt. So what are you waiting for? Take a step closer to your PR dreams with us.

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