IELTS examination is a worldwide examination that is conducted by British Council and IDP. IELTS examination is conducted to assess the English proficiency of the individual who is planning to move abroad due to studies or for any other reason. Every country has a different minimum IELTS band score that the individual needs to achieve, to get entry into the country. If you are a student looking forward to pursuing your education abroad then you will also need to check the institution’s IELTS band requirement as different institutions have different requirements. Students can also get an institution that does not require an IELTS score, so it depends on you which college they want to choose. To prepare for IELTS candidates need to focus on hard work along with smart work. The IELTS paper is prepared separately for students that are in IELTS academic training and for professionals there is General training.

 General Training(GT) Reading Band Score

Candidates have just 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the IELTS examination. Different sections have different times allotted to them. To complete each section in the stipulated time candidates have to look for tricks to complete. After completing the examination, like any other examination, individuals find ways to calculate their score to plan their stuff accordingly. In this article, we will cover the GT Reading band score.

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जानना the Reading Section First

For the IELTS General Reading section, you’ll need to look at their marks measurement separately since they’re measured separately. The reading segment consists of 40 questions, each of which is worth one mark, and each correct answer is worth one mark. You will be relieved to learn that there is no negative labelling. In the reading segment, you will be asked a variety of questions. You will be asked multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

In the reading section, you get many types of questions like matching the answers, completing the sentence, or identifying the summary. This is important for you to understand because if you don’t know what kinds of questions you might get, how can you proceed? Would you waste your time writing if you thought you had to compose the passage in the reading section? Yes, that is why it is critical to fully understand each segment before beginning preparation for it.

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जीटी बैंड स्कोर कैलकुलेटर पढ़ना

IELTS is the applicant’s entry pass to enter the country in which they serve, and it becomes impossible for the individual to obtain permission and obtain a visa without the minimum required band. The general training test IELTS scores are based on the ‘band’ scheme, which gives each paper a scoring of between 0 and 9 in half-point increments. The total score for the band is the mean, rounded up or down to the next half point of all four paper scores. The band scores in listening and reading are derived from the number of correct answers that IELTS calls “raw scores.”

जीटी रीडिंग बैंड स्कोर चार्ट

बैंड Raw- marks
9 40
8.5 39
8 37-38
7.5 36
7 34-35
6.5 30-31
6 27-29
5.5 23-26
5 19-22
4.5 15-18
3.5 12-14
3 9-11
2.5 6-8

सुझावों to Prepare for IELTS Reading Section 

Regardless of how good you are in English writing, reading, listening, and speaking, it is important for you to practice each section thoroughly. To get the required minimum band or a score above it you have to give your time to each section. For the reading section, you will find a few tips here. IF you follow those you will see an improved and strategize preparation for the reading section. So make sure that you read and follow the tips carefully.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस में स्मार्ट कीवर्ड क्या हैं? आईईएलटीएस रीडिंग में उन्हें कैसे खोजें?

1. Attend Difficult Questions at the End

Many candidates don’t read the whole paper first, instead, they start with the first question. But a strategic way to attend the paper is to read the whole paper and decide which questions are easy for you and which ones are difficult. Once you have done this part choose the easy and moderate questions first. And at the end, you can take up difficult questions as time allows you to. This way there is less scope of you making the mistake of leaving a question that you might have done correctly.

  2. Read the Tasks given Carefully

The exam maker is really smart. What they do is they leave some gap in the question or they mould a question in a twisted way which makes you follow the wrong direction resulting in getting zero marks for you.

For example, if you are given a true/false/not given question then if you choose “Right,” the entire phrase must be correct. Some challenging questions are not valid in every single detail. Some may be true while others are wrong. The response would be “wrong” in such situations.

 3. DoYou Know How to Scan?

You would want to understand what a text says in any paragraph. The principal idea of each paragraph is reflected in the subject phrase. You do not have time to read all the specifics and this is all right because that is what the IELTS examination is assessing you for. The details in the subject phrase are what you really need to understand in each paragraph.

यह भी पढ़ें:- आईईएलटीएस में रीडिंग कॉम्प्रिहेंशन में सही कीवर्ड कैसे खोजें? ऐसे!


When you have done your complete research, and you have practiced thoroughly for the IELTS examination. What is the next information that you should know is how to calculate your score. This way you get to know the criteria on the basis of which you are being assessed. This will help you to focus on key areas while doing the IELTS examination test. This article will help you to calculate the general training reading band score and you will get the tips for preparing the reading section of IELTS.

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