The IELTS exam is conducted every year with the hopes of helping as many students as possible. Every year thousands or lakhs of students enrol themselves for this examination. Out of this, many are able to fulfil their dreams and live the life of their dreams.

But how do they prepare themselves for the same? Well, let us help you with this by informing you about some of the amazing yet easy tips so that even you can succeed in this exam but before that, let’s unlock the IELTS exam dates in June 2021.

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आईईएलटीएस Exam Dates in June 2021

The IELTS exam is conducted all around the year but if you have decided to take part in it, you can choose any date that you want to. Just decide the month in which you want to take part in this examination. Check the dates online for that month and register yourself at the official website for the same date and visit the centre to take part in it.

The IELTS score is one such score that is accepted by almost 9000 universities and organisations all around the world. It is also used by one to leave this country and reside in some English-speaking country if he/she wants to.

Changes Due to the Pandemic

Earlier, anyone could take part in this test at any time they wanted to. Every year 48 dates were taken out for this examination which is equal to 4 dates in a month. So, candidates were free to exercise this exam and were provided with this opportunity at least four times a month. But due to the outbreak of this pandemic in our country, things have changed a lot.

And only because of this pandemic, is that for the first time the exam is a lot easier than it used to be before. The authorities decided to make this exam easier than before so that it is easy for students to study and there is no burden upon them for the same.

June आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा तिथियां 2021

June 05, 2021 Academic & General Training
June 12, 2021 Academic & General Training
June 17, 2021 अकादमिक
June 19, 2021 Academic & General Training

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आईईएलटीएस तैयारी युक्तियाँ

The IELTS exam is conducted by the British Council in order to help students who want to fulfil their dreams and it’s just a step away from them now with the onset of the IELTS examination. Candidates who have also dreamed of getting a job in English-speaking countries other than their own resident country can move out with the help of this. It is just another way for them to achieve all they have wanted to, in life.

Do you want to prepare for the next IELTS examination but don’t know where to begin? Given below are some of the amazing yet simple tips that can help you with the same:

#1. Practice Questions

Yes, Practice questions are the key to a successful IELTS result and a step towards your dreams. While you have decided to begin your IELTS preparation, it is extremely essential for you to start taking these practice papers and begin solving them to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

You can then make use of this data to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

#2. Record Yourself to Know More about It

Yes, this is another key to an amazing IELTS result. Just take your phone or any other device and record yourself while doing so. After that, play that audio and evaluate your performance either by yourself or take the help of any of your friend for the same. This will also allow you to know where you’re lacking and the areas where you need to improve yourself.

#3. Online Tests

There are a few sites that have these online tests that they conduct in order to help an IELTS aspirant check his/her performance and know where he is lacking and other things related to the same. But there is also the official website of the IELTS exam, where an online test is conducted exactly in the same manner you would have taken the IELTS exam. And you are provided with a time constraint to be aware of the time that you have been provided with so that you can develop a habit of completing your test on time.

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#4. Books! Books! Books!

Yes, it’s now finally the time to take out all those books that have been kept hidden on your shelf for a long long time. It\s time to take them out and start reading them because only by reading can one improve his/her vocabulary and be better each day. Also, if you have any old textbooks like the one we used to practice English grammar within our school, take them out and use them to improve your skills as much as possible.


With the above information, we really hope that you must have got all the information regarding the IELTS examination and now it’s easy for you to take part in it and also to successfully begin your preparation for the same. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a chair and some books and start preparing for this test as soon as possible.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding the same, just feel free to comment down below and let us know about the same so that we can help you with that and don’t forget to check out some of the more informative and interesting blogs on our site for more information on the same.

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