IELTS dates are available up to four times per month, for a tab of 48 exam dates in a calendar year. The Academic and General Training modules may have different IELTS dates available in India.

The General Training version is only available on 24, whereas the Academic version is available on all 48 dates. Tests are mostly held on Saturdays and Thursdays to provide flexibility and convenience.

Please keep in mind that the reading, listening, and writing (LRW) tests will all be held on the same day, while the speaking tests will be held up to 7 days before and/or after the test date. It’s possible that your nearest IELTS test centre won’t have the same date as another city’s IELTS test centre.

Let’s give you the schedule so that you can choose your desired slots.

IELTS Exam Dates in November 2021

IELTS exam dates are available throughout the year, specific dates have been set aside for the Academic Test. These dates are usually available twice a week, but there are times when only one date is available.

As a result, students taking the Academic test should choose dates by looking through all of the available exam dates 2021 that have been set aside specifically for it. Because there are more Academic test dates, students have a larger window to structure their preparation in order to avoid dates when both academic and general tests are scheduled.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी के लिए कितना समय आवश्यक है? यहां आईईएलटीएस टेस्ट की तैयारी के लिए एक गाइड है

IELTS November Exam Dates: Academic

परीक्षण तिथियाँ परीक्षण प्रकार
रविवार, 7 नवंबर 2021 शैक्षिक प्रशिक्षण
रविवार, 28 नवंबर 2021 शैक्षिक प्रशिक्षण

IELTS December Exam Dates: Academic

परीक्षण तिथियाँ परीक्षण प्रकार
शुक्रवार, 3 दिसंबर 2021 शैक्षिक प्रशिक्षण
रविवार, 12 दिसंबर 2021 शैक्षिक प्रशिक्षण

November 2021: Academic and General

खजूर प्रकार
शुक्रवार, 12 नवंबर 2021 शैक्षणिक और सामान्य प्रशिक्षण
रविवार, 21 नवंबर 2021 शैक्षणिक और सामान्य प्रशिक्षण

December 2021: Academic and General

खजूर प्रकार
रविवार, 5 दिसंबर 2021 शैक्षणिक और सामान्य प्रशिक्षण
रविवार, 19 दिसंबर 2021 शैक्षणिक और सामान्य प्रशिक्षण

Booking IELTS Test Date

Following these steps will make booking exam dates simple:

#Visit the British Council’s official website.

#You will find a “Find Test Date” from the drop-down menu.

#Enter information such as the month, test location, and so on.

#The website will bring you to a new page where you can notice the available dates.

#Choose your desired slot and confirm it by clicking “Apply.”

आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी

Follow these tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam:

#Familiarize yourself with the examination format so that you can better plan your study time.

#Make the most of your practise time. The more you practise, the fortunate you will be at it.

#Determine your areas of weakness. You’ll be able to see where you’re falling behind while practising. You’ll have a better direction for your study plan once you’ve identified this.

#To familiarise yourself with the testing environment, take live mock tests.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा तैयारी पुस्तकें: आइए जानकारी के सर्वोत्तम स्रोतों के साथ तैयारी शुरू करें

IELTS Test Day Instructions

#Keep your cell phone turned off.

#There are no breaks in the examination, which lasts 2 hours 40 minutes in total.

#Food and beverages are not permitted in the exam room.

#Bring the identification proof you were given at the time of registration. Other arrangements of identification will not be approved.

#Before the examination, a photograph will be taken.

#Inside the examination room, only a pencil, pen, eraser, and photo ID are permitted.

#Simply lift your hand while sitting at your desk if you need any assistance during the test.

Can Someone Prepone the IELTS Exam?

The exam can be cancelled or rescheduled by candidates. Candidates can, however, postpone or cancel the exam in person or via email. It is not possible to cancel or postpone an appointment over the phone.

#You will receive a refund of less than 25% of the administrative fee if you postpone or cancel your application more than 5 weeks before the test date.

#Candidates who cancel the exam less than 5 weeks before the exam date will not be refunded.

#No refunds will be given to those who do not show up for the exam.

IELTS Test Locations in India

The IELTS is administered by two authorized bodies in 77 regions across India, one of which is the British Council, which has areas in over 55 locations. IDP Education, which operates in 59 cities, is another well-known organisation. Regardless of the organisation that conducts the exam, the predetermined fee for the exam is INR 14,700.

To register for the IELTS or book an examination centre, you must first contact the organisation that is authorised to conduct the exam. You have the option of selecting an organisation based on the location that best meets your needs.


We hope that this article has provided you with all of the information that you were looking for. You should begin revising now, as your IELTS is approaching. Start taking mock tests and other self-assessment processes to determine your level of preparation and achieve a high test score.

Please visit the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website if you have any doubts about your kind. It is the most beneficial program for all IELTS test takers. On the websites, you can find all of the information you need about IELTS.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below and you will receive responses from the most knowledgeable people and experts on our website.

यह भी पढ़ें: भारत में नवंबर आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा तिथियां 2021: यहां परीक्षण स्थान और तिथियों का चयन करने की प्रक्रिया है!

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