Why do you need an IELTS Diagnostic Test?

IELTS is a reasonably challenging exam, knowing where you stand can do a world of difference to your preparation. This IELTS Diagnostic Test  can help you in the following ways

  1. Give you current Bands in the IELTS reading, speaking, listening and writing sections to give you a clear picture as to how far are you from your target band
  2. Give an assessment of your Grammar skills. In IELTS grammatical errors is the biggest reason why students lose marks despite performing well. You don’t want low band in your result scorecard
  3. Provide you a detailed analysis of your weak areas. The best way to prepare for IELTS is to target your weak areas one by one. Provided you know them!
  4. Allows you to customize and plan your preparation with you trainer so that you can balance your time as per the attention required by different sections and weaknesses.

How to use this Diagnostics test

  • You can attempt the diagnostic test by simply filling in the test mention below
  • Make sure you enter correct information about your name, email and phone number
  • Once you press the submit button your performance is recorded with us
  • Once your diagnostic is complete the report will be sent to the email address shared by you
  • Please make most of this test and DO NOT take the test casually

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