GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a crucial process for graduate or business school applications. The exam is standardised, computer-based, multiple-choice and it is often required to get admission to graduate business programs (MBA) and graduate programs, globally.

This article talks about the preparation strategies for the GRE verbal exam. Tips about how to start preparing for the exam. If you are stuck with preparing for the exam for a month or less, don’t worry, this article will give you all the tips.

यह भी पढ़ें: जीआरई पाठ्यक्रम और परीक्षा पैटर्न: यहां जीआरई के बारे में जानने योग्य सब कुछ है

कैसे to Start Preparing for the GRE Verbal?

First, one needs to know, how is GRE verbal divided.

Text Completion: There will be blanks given and the right word should be filled in so that the sentence makes sense.

Sentence Equivalence: There will be a list of six words and one sentence where you have to figure out two words and fill the sentence.

Reading Comprehension: Short passages will be given and one has to answer comprehension questions.

Here are some tips on how to start preparing for the exam.

Memorize a Lot of Vocabulary

#Prepare a vocabulary list for सामान्य GRE words.

#Make a common comprehensive word list that is new to you.

#To make it more engaging and to remember it for long, one can use flashcards.

#Use the words in your list in everyday life and your conversations.

शुरू Reading Articles

#Reading articles and newspapers, help you recognize new words and help you boost your vocabulary.

#There will be engaging topics that will help you with knowledge and also vocabulary.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस की वैकल्पिक परीक्षाएँ: क्यों आईईएलटीएस को अन्य परीक्षाओं से बेहतर माना जाता है

कैसे to Prepare for the GRE Verbal in 1 Month?

Here are some tips for preparing for the GRE verbal test in one month.

लेना a Free Practise Test 

Always lookout for a practise test and attempt it. One will know what the exam is about and how one can attempt it. It is fine, if you don’t understand fully, it is a practice test, which will help you with the first experience.

Set Your GRE Study Schedule 

Set your study schedule on a daily basis and see to it that the word lists are maintained every day. As you know you have only a month in hand, one needs to study 4-5 hours on a daily basis. Conversations and messages should be conveyed every day as per your new words and also the dictionary should always be with you. Remember that when you prepare the schedule, you should take a practice exam at the end of every week.

Develop Your GRE Study Plan

One month has four weeks and so when you set your study schedule, one needs to look at it every week and try to develop it. In the starting week, you will be on the beginning basis, so one needs to have long hours, then after two weeks, you need to focus more on practice papers. Setting and developing your plan as per your knowledge and understanding is important.

Sample Study Plan

GRE Student For Example: If he/she wants to score 150-155 in Verbal
Week 1 Practice Test + Review (6.5 Hours), Study 4 Days × 1.5 Hours/Day (6 Hours)
Week 2 Study 5 Days × 1.5 Hours/Day (7.5 Hours)
Week 3 Practice Test + Review (6.5 Hours), Study 4 days × 1.5 Hour/Day (6 Hours)
Week 4 Practice Test + Review (6.5 Hours), Study 4 Days × 1.5 Hour/Day (6.0 Hours)

Set for GRE

Now, after your preparation, one day before the GRE exam, the aspirant should not do any kind of preparation. It will just stress you and nothing will be remembered which you study at the last moment, so avoid that. You have put all the hard work and be confident, always be positive.

यह भी पढ़ें: अर्थ सहित शिक्षा शब्दावली शब्द: अपनी अंग्रेजी शब्दावली में सुधार करें

जीआरई Verbal Vocabulary List 

#Anomaly – noun – something that is different or surprising

#Equivocal – adj. – not effortlessly understood or clarified

#Lucid – adj. – very obvious and easy to comprehend

#Precipitate – verb – to cause (something) to occur rapidly or unexpectedly

#Assuage – verb – to make (an unpleasant feeling) slighter harsh

#Opaque – adj. –  not able to be seen through; not easily understood

#Prodigal – adj. – wastefully outrageous

#Enigma – noun – a person or thing that is unusual, puzzling, or impossible to understand

#Fervid – adj. – intensely interested or passionate

#Placate – verb – to make (someone) less angry or hostile

#Audacious – adj. – a willingness to take courageous risks/adj. –  showing an absence of appreciation

कैसे to Prepare for the GRE Verbal in 10 Days?

Well, 10 days is quite a little time, but no need to worry we have a solution for this too. These are some books that will help you in these 10 days of preparation for the GRE.

#आधिकारिक जीआरई मौखिक तर्क अभ्यास ईटीएस द्वारा

#बैरन की मौखिक कार्यपुस्तिका

#GRE Verbal Workbook by Kaplan Test Prep

#मैनहट्टन वर्ड प्रॉब्लम्स जीआरई रणनीति गाइड

Schedule for 10 Days

Here is how your schedule for every day

Day 1: Give a mock and be through with the exam pattern

Day 2: Focus on vocabulary and watch videos related to it

Day 3: Focus on the verbal syllabus

Day 4: Focus on reading comprehension

Day 5: Now focus on text completion questions

Day 6: Give another GRE mock. Review and analyse

Day 7: Focus on sentence equivalence type questions

Day 8: Practise critical reasoning type questions

Day 9: Practice more questions of all the types

Day 10: Revise, have a look at past question papers and relax.

यह भी पढ़ें: नई शब्दावली से अपरिचित? इन टिप्स से तुरंत याद करें


Hopefully, this article was helpful and has provided you with all the preparation tips that you needed. Preparation should be started early so that you have enough time to revise. But, even if you didn’t, there is still hope and you can cover the syllabus. One needs to remember that it is never too late to start, but starting is important and completion is your victory. If you have any doubts, or if you’re stuck, then please do let us know in the comments section below, we would be glad to help. All the best!

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