Do you also get confused between IELTS, PTE, OET and TOEFL?

All of these are language proficiency tests that assess an individual’s ability to communicate well in English with the native speakers of an English speaking country.

Each one of these tests is standardized and is accepted widely by academic institutions, immigration offices, organizations and other firms.

However, there are subtle differences that exist among each of these. Let us browse through how each is different in the table below.


आईईएलटीएस टॉफेल पीटीई OET
Both paper & computer based कंप्यूटर आधारित Fully computerized Both paper & computer based
Speaking section has a personal interview One has to communicate virtually through a computer One has to communicate virtually through a computer A role play is usually assigned and then the spoken skills are assessed.
The British mode of English is followed Standard American English is followed Standard American English is followed Both British  American English are followed
Essays are tricky and need to be dealt with strategically. Essays are lengthier Essays are quite easy to write Writing is profession-specific
Short answers come MCQ type questions come PTE is a combination of both short answers & MCQs Short answer questions and completing sentences type questions come
2 hour, 45 minutes long Almost 4 hour long 3 hour long 3 hour, 20 minutes

Costs ₹12, 650

Costs ₹ 12, 500

Costs ₹ 13, 300

Costs ₹ 30,000

Results come within 13 days of the examination

Scores come within 10 days of appearing for the exam

Results come out within a week

Results come out within 12 days


By now, you must have had an idea of how each of these tests are distinct from one another. The differences that exist are not very stark but are purpose-driven.

Whichever language proficiency test you choose to opt for, you must be very certain with regard to its effectiveness in the country that you’re relocating to. 

Do not view any of them as an obstacle. You should see these tests as the key that helps you in proving your eligibility as well as your ability to communicate well in the language you will largely be conversing in. 



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