The UK is one of the most student-friendly countries in the world and it is amongst the top leaders in almost all the countries in the world. The United Kingdom has a total of 12 universities that come under the list of the top 100 universities in the world. It has world-famous universities, i.e Oxford as well as Cambridge University. These two universities are well-known across the world and are over eight centuries old.

यूके as a Blend of Various Cultures

This country is a blend of various cultures and the main religions that exist here are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, as well as Judaism.

It offers a variety of services to its students that make it count among the best places for continuing your studies abroad.

So, let’s just find out more about how you can go and live in the United Kingdom and get their PR card?

But before that let’s learn what a PR card is?

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PR Card

Permanent Resident, also known as PR is someone who has been provided the status of Permanent resident by the government of the UK by immigrating here. Permanent residents can be citizens of other countries as well.

A Permanent Resident card helps you to show your permanent resident status of that particular country and it helps to show your PR status of that country.

यूके PR Process

The UK PR Visa Process in the UK is given as follows:

#1. Who is Eligible for a PR Card in the UK?

In many cases, one can only apply for a PR Card if they have been living in the UK with a visa for a period of at least five years.

#2. How Can One Apply for a PR Card in the UK?

One can easily apply for a PR Card in the UK by filling and submitting their applications online. One can also require a copy of the correct completed form, their passport, biometric information, and the required supporting documents.

अधिक Steps in the UK PR Process

#3. Does a PR Card in the UK Expires?

Yes, a PR Card in the UK expires only if the individual who has a PR Card spends a period of more than two years continuously outside the country.

Now, this question might have come to people’s mind while they are applying to get a PR card in London and that is “What is the Complete Process to Get the UK PR with IELTS?”

Well, don’t worry, we’ll help you through this.

#4. Is IELTS Required for Migration to the UK?

IELTS, i.e., the International English Language Test is an exam that is designed to help an individual to study, work, and migrate to a country where English is the native language. The applicant who applies for this exam is graded on the basis of a scale rating from 1-9.

When one is applying for getting to the London, appearing in the IELTS language test is a requirement for them as they want to apply to settle permanently in the UK which is also known as applying for “leave to remain” or “long residence.”

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PR Process in the UK for International Students

Now, let’s get to know “what is the process for PR in the UK after study?”

If one wants to get a PR in the UK, one needs to show the government of the country a desirable and stable amount of income to let them believe that this person has a full-time job and good moral conduct and can stay in this country for as long as possible without becoming a burden on anyone.

One needs to present a strong CV to boost their employment prospects and also show quite a number of internships to show that they have worked hard enough in these few years while they were living in this country. Once they have finished their studies, they should get a full-time job to show their consistency.

यूके PR Requirements

The United Kingdom is a desirable destination for many people from all around the world. An individual who has a permanent resident card can easily live and work in the United Kingdom definitely.

Given below are some of the requirements for an individual who wants to live in London:

Requirements that Needs to be Followed

#1. Two Years of marriage or living with an unmarried partner of the United Kingdom

#2. Ten Years of lawful stay on any basis

#3. 14 Years of unlawful stay in the United Kingdom

#4. Five Years of Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permit

#5. Five years of spending their lives as Investor, sportsperson, business owner, or someone related to arts

#6. Five years of ancestry

कैसे to Apply for PR in the UK?

In order to apply for PR in the UK, one needs to fulfil the following criteria and check whether they are eligible or not:

They need to be living in London for a total of five years as a family member of an EU, EEA, or Swiss national, and only then can they apply for the permanent resident visa.


To get a PR card in the UK, one needs to follow a few steps and tips. The above piece of information provides an individual with the same that will help them to know more about the eligibility criteria and different processes that one has to go through in order to get a permanent resident card in the UK.

Hopefully, this must have been helpful to you. Don’t forget to check out our other ब्लॉग.

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