Indian students have always been highly interested in flying overseas to fulfil their dreams of study in foreign countries. Parents look forward to sending their kids abroad, considering the higher standard of living and the type of education provided in foreign countries.

Germany is one of those foreign countries known for its phenomenal education, which is why many Indian students aim for a Germany study visa for higher studies.

Why Study in Germany?

Germany is a remarkable European country known as one of the world’s best educational infrastructure. The country specialises in the field of engineering and technology. Germany has about 396 exceptional institutions recognised by the state. Out of which, 181 institutions are equivalent to universities. These universities have specialised courses in pedagogy, fine-arts and theology. And the remaining 215 universities have specialised courses in the field of applied science.

This European country offers outstanding education with excellent infrastructure, which is why many students in India prepare for higher studies in Germany.

Below are some of the lesser-known facts about Germany and its education, which can be an added benefit of studying in his country. So, let’s look at those lesser-known facts about going to Germany to study from India.    

1- Low Cost of Studying in Germany

Public universities in Germany ask for minimal or no tuition fees. These exempted tuition fees are not just applicable to native students but students from other countries as well. Only a minimal amount of annual administration and semester fees are charged from the students studying in Germany.

A few of the universities/ institutions which offer education facilities without tuition fee are; The University of Bremen, KIT, The University of Hamburg etc. Some institutes might not have completely zero tuition fees, but the cost of studying in Germany would be much lower than other country’s universities.     

2- Courses Designed for the Convenience of English Speaking Students

Germany is a non-English speaking European country. However, institutes here have updated their courses in the English language. Courses here are specially curated in English. They look out for students who are efficiently well-versed in the English language. Hence, your IELTS score might play a major role while taking admission to colleges in Germany.

3- Various Scholarships for Students in the Engineering Field

Germany values sincere and determined students. It arranges various research-based scholarships for students in the engineering field. It offers a wide range of fellowship to Indian students who stand out in this field. Colleges in Germany also look forward to offering such students jobs in multinational companies. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of Germany abroad Studies.

4- Home to One of the Best Engineering Institutions

Germany is home to one of the best-ranked engineering institutions. Many institutes in Germany provide exceptional education in the field of engineering and technology. These educational institutes are recognised all over the world—campus placements in some of the engineering institutes in Germany aid students in achieving successful engineering careers worldwide. 

5- Availability of Jobs after Completion of Studies

Study in Germany for Indian students is a boon! Germany has a strong base in science, research and technology. Hence it approaches to hire the best students, who are from Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics background, as soon as they complete their education in universities.

These lesser-known facts about education in Germany proves that Germany is one of the best countries for Indian students to pursue education. Not only for studies, but Germany is a great option for jobs and scholarships.

Let us also have a look at all the requirements for how to study in Germany? And focus more on how one can study in Germany after the 12th?

Requirements to Study in Germany

You need to thoroughly go through the requirements of the universities that you wish to take admission to. The documents required in universities may vary depending on your citizenship. Some of the basics required documents while enrolling for a university in Germany are –

  1. Qualification of a specified university entrance exam.
  2. Digital Copy of grades of previous examinations.
  3. English Language proficiency proof.
  4. Accurate passport copies or ID proof.

Among these essential documents, English language proficiency proof is one of the most important. The IELTS exam is one such English language proficiency examination, which provides the English Language Proficiency proof. The following factor will help you to understand the importance of IELTS in the admission process for Germany.

Is IELTS Accepted?

One of the most asked questions “Is IELTS required while enrolling for an Undergraduate Programme in Germany?”

IELTS is one of the widely accepted and most trusted English proficiency proof around the globe. Germany is no different. Germany accepts IELTS scores for offering UG and PG programmes. Even job roles in Germany accept the IELTS score. Some of the other exams considered in Germany are TOEFL or GMAT.

In Germany, the universities have curated special courses that fit only the English language. Hence, they look for students who are proficient in speaking and understanding the English language. For this, an English Language proficiency proof is asked by most universities in Germany. IELTS is one of the renowned exams which can offer you this proof. IELTS is the most important requirement while enrolling for a UG programme in Germany.

All the other documents mentioned under requirements are important as well. Make sure you check the correctness of your admission form and attached documents. Any misinformation can lead to the cancellation of your application. IELTS scores also help you get a study visa faster.

Germany Study Visa

Along with these documents, the most important document is a study visa. Without a Germany study visa, you cannot leave India even if you get a confirmed seat in any prestigious college in Germany.

To avoid such a mishappening, you must be ready with a Germany study visa. The documents required for getting a study visa for Germany are listed below:

Financial Resources Proof

This proof makes sure that you are financially stable for studying in Germany. Having an income below the mentioned limit might lead to the cancellation of a visa.

Proof of Qualification of the University Entrance Exam

This will ensure the visa provider your motive to migrate to Germany.

Health Insurance Coverage

Accidents are unpredictable. Having a health insurance policy will help you cope with financial loss in any case of mishaps.

English Language Proficiency Proof

As Germany is a foreign country and English is the educationally preferred language in Germany, this proof turns out to be of utmost importance. You can attain this proof by giving the IELTS exam.

The Last Step

The last step to study in Germany is to look for accommodation in Germany. You can look for places online. Look for a place close to your chosen university.

Nevertheless, Germany is the 3rd most popular European country among Indian students. You may find some Indians to share accommodation. Sharing an apartment with trusted fellows may save your costs.

Germany for Indian Students!

While understanding the lesser-known facts about Germany to study for Indian students, Germany, today, is considered one of the best countries for Indian to migrate for studying in the Engineering field. With world-class education, infrastructure and exposure, Germany is home to excellent institutes recognised globally.

निष्कर्ष के तौर पर

You must be proficient in the English language as all the courses available in Germany for non-native students are in English. The IELTS exam provides language proficient proof for enrollment in any German institution. Last but not least, keep all the documents required for the Study VISA up-to-date.

आईईएलटीएस निंजा can partner you well in your journey to Germany. Our experienced mentors will guide you by providing the best learning to help you achieve your IELTS dreams successfully. Stay tuned with our regular blogs to get information related to studies in foreign countries!

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