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Welcome to IELTS Ninja’s – hyper-personalized training, the most effective way to get desired results for IELTS. Before you start with your training spend 10 minutes to go through this post to make the most out of this unique training approach. This email contains the most frequently asked question regarding how the course works and what to do in case of certain issues.

How to use this course best?

This training is a combination of self-study, trainer sessions and practice. So, It’s important that you attempt all three facets to maximize your score :
Keeping in mind the following Points will help you achieve the maximum benefit of your course:

  • Diagnostic Test – Take it seriously. This lets your trainer analyze your weakness and focus areas.
  • Content – Make sure you watch the Strategy based videos this will maximize the benefit of the actual class interaction.
  • Essay evaluation – Submit your essays before the class, session time must go in detailed analysis rather than writing the essay.
  • Writing and speaking Books  – You have free access to these 2 books giving you limitless practice. Discuss your answers in class. Contains Model Answers.
  • Practice Exercises  – Your trainer will give you additional home assignments for your weak areas in grammar.

How to start with your training and get your course customized?

  • The course begins with a Diagnostic test which is a test of your current level of English Proficiency.
  • Based on the results of this test your trainer analyses what are your weak areas and which English skills (Grammar, Coherency etc) should be tackled first.
  • Also, If you have given the IELTS Exam before and know your own weak areas you can inform your trainer of the same who will customize and provide additional practice and focus on your weak areas.
  • And, In addition to the above mechanisms there are a lot of practice exercises available which target individual language skills, make sure you attempt those to get a marked improvement in individual areas.

What are the different kinds of content formats available to you?

The following different content formats are available to you for practice:

  • Strategy Based Videos: IELTS questions types, strategies, and Grammar are covered in video format
  • Ebooks: There are 2 E-Books available for reading and writing, they are extensive and contain several model answers, strategies and practice questions
  • Daily Practice Exercises: These are available for sharpening your Individual Skills.
  • Complete Mock Tests: These are to be attempted after you complete a module and in the end for additional practice.

What is the study pattern you must follow?

You have different kinds of resources available to you, the following are the best ways to utilize them:

Pre Class

  • Watch the Videos explaining different language skills and IELTS Strategies.
  • Complete Homeworks और Assignments which help you practice the skills and strategies that you have learned in the videos and given to you by your trainer to improve your weak areas.

During Class

  • This is the most महत्वपूर्ण component of your training
  • So, the purpose of class time is to take your understanding of the videos you have watched and the strategies for the IELTS Exam that you have learnt from them to the next level.
  • Also, Detailed Analysis of speaking and writing tasks is provided as well as additional practice by doing बोला जा रहा है और लिखना Mock Tests.
  • Remedies in the form of Practice drills and homework assignments are given to improve your weak areas.

Post Class Homework and Assignments:

  • Complete the homework assignments and incorporate the feedback given to you by your trainer during class.
  • Practice additional drills to improve individual language and grammar skills.
  • Mail your trainer your homework assignments well before class so she can analyze it and prepare her feedback of the same.

How Should the session be conducted?

  • We strongly recommend using Skype Video calling to conduct the sessions with your trainer.
  • If you are experiencing connectivity issues you can switch to Skype Audio Calling समान हेतु।
  • The session should be conducted using a laptop or a personal computer.
  • However, we do not recommend using a mobile device or a smartphone to conduct the session.

How to get regular tips and recent exam questions?

  • We regularly Post Recent Exam Questions and their Models answers on our website, please go through them by clicking IELTS Exam Free Tips and IELTS Exam Questions in the header.

How to know your class status and performance?

  • After every class, you will get an email which contains the feedback of your class as given by your trainer.
  • And, If you find any discrepancies you can reply to the same email. And we will resolve the issues as soon as possible.

What if I am not compatible with my trainer?

We are extremely proud of all our trainers and their commitment towards providing excellent training to all students, but, we do recognize that compatibility issues might arise due to Language, Timings, or training styles :

  • We will change your trainer to a person who is more aligned with your individual learning goals.
  • Also, To inform us of the same just drop an email to [email protected]and we will notify you of the trainer change within 24-48 hours.

How to get additional Help?

If you have doubts or queries of any type the best way to reach us would be by email :

  • You can drop us email at [email protected] describing your issue and we will resolve it at the earliest.
  • Technical issues in accessing course
  • Any other special requirement or help in training

How to take leave? How many leaves am I entitled to?

We have systems to help you avoid absenteeism, make most use them to save your class hours

  • Leave  – You are entitled to 3 informed leaves during your course
  • Avail Leave – Also, to avail a leave, you can drop a mail to [email protected] a day in advance
  • Bulk Leave – If you have an emergency, you can take bulk leaves, your course will be paused for that duration, you may resume your course by simply dropping a mail to [email protected]
  • Absents – So, If you do not turn up for session, only in that case you will be marked absent.

Whom should I get in touch with issues and complaints?

To make communication easier, we have kept a single channel of communication:

  • For all queries, you must simply drop a mail to [email protected]
  • Every time you drop a mail, a ticket is generated, using which you can track the progress of your query
  • Also, all and every communication will be kept private and discrete.
  • This is the fastest way to reach us from all methods of communication (e.g Whatsapp, Calls Etc.)
Additional Benefits

Also, You are entitled to 10% cash back if you refer a friend during or after your training

  • To avail a referral, send the details of your friend/family member to [email protected]
  • So, Once your referral person enrolls, the benefit will be transferred to you.

Wishing you all the best for your exam!
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Team IELTS Ninja

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