Canada is one of the most sought after countries that Indian students opt for abroad studies. With that, India has become the country with the most number of foreign students in Canada. There are several reasons why Canada has become the most opted study destination for Indian students starting with the familiar culture in Canada as India.

Also, various top Canadian Universities provide the best teachings. The government also provides various policies for student benefits and work permits post-study with Canadian immigration after work experience.

But, many face rejection after the refusal of a Canadian student visa. Yes, Canada also rejects the visa to some students. Now, you could be one of them whose visa application is rejected or someone preparing for a visa application. This article will help you to know what are the reasons for the refusal of Canadian student visa. So you can apply again for the visa, or if you are applying for the first time, then make sure to avoid these mistakes for visa approval.

What to do if Canada Student Visa is Rejected?

The application for a student visa is verified by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). IRCC holds the power to reject or approve the application of foreign students. If your Canada student visa is rejected by the IRCC, then here we explain the two actions which you can take:

#1. Appeal the Refusal Decision

A foreign national can appeal the decision after the refusal of Canadian student visa by the IRCC. It can be done so if the foreign national applicant believes that they have submitted all the required documents and have met the required criteria. The applicant can then appeal the decision of student visa refusal and ask for a reconsideration.

#2. Reapply Your Visa Application

If a student visa is rejected by the immigration officers, then the applicant has the option to reapply for the student visa. It has been witnessed that the visa applications of many students are approved after reapplying. But before reapplying for the student visa, ensure to identify the problems due to which your application was rejected.

You will receive a document in which the reason for the rejection of your visa application will be stated. Or, if you appeared for an interview during the application process, then you could ask the interviewing officer the reason for rejection.

Once you know the reason, pay careful attention to every document you have submitted before. Submit additional documents to strengthen your application. Review before submitting if you have attached all the sufficient documents. Update your student visa application, and resubmit it again for approval.

There are various reasons for which a Canadian student visa application is refused by immigration officers. If you are applying for a student visa for the first time, then ensure you don’t make these mistakes and submit sufficient documents. Further, we have mentioned some major reasons for the rejection of the student visa and also how one can address that issue.

What are the Reasons for Refusal of Canada Student Visa?

The Canada immigration process for student visas is simple, but sometimes it can be a bit challenging for some students. Canada being one of the most preferred study destinations, has a lot of students coming every year, which makes it difficult to approve your visa application. But yes, they don’t randomly reject student visas. There are specific reasons for the refusal of student visas.

#. Insufficient Finance

While applying for the Canada student visa, the applicant needs to provide the documents which prove that you have sufficient funds. The minimum requirement is for you to have sufficient funds for the first year of the course of the program studies in Canada. But your visa application can be refused by the Canada immigration officers if they suspect insufficient funds.

You can address the problems raised by the officers regarding your funds. Review your whole application for sufficient funds, and submit additional documents which support and prove that you have the sufficient funds required.

#. Study Program

The Canada immigration officers can reject your student visa application if they question your choice of program for study. The reason is that they might suspect your program of choice doesn’t align with your academic or employment background.

If your choice of study program doesn’t align with your previous job experience or education, then you can address the issue by writing a detailed personal statement. Explain in the statement your reason to opt for the particular program. The applicants whose past backgrounds are aligned with the program can attach additional documents explaining their education and work background.

#. Return to Your Home Country

A student visa has a permit validity; in short, it is a temporary visa. Well, that doesn’t restrict any student from extending the study visa or applying for PR. But an applicant must submit all the documents which prove that the applicant will not stay in Canada after their student visa expires. Not submitting enough documents can result in the refusal of a visa application.

You can submit a detailed personal statement explaining the concern. You might need to rework your statement if the immigration officers are not convinced. Also, remember the concept of dual intent, which means that an applicant with dual intent has the intention to stay in Canada temporarily as a student or worker and later intent to live permanently.

#. Letter of Acceptance

The applicants must submit a letter of acceptance from a Canadian DLI(Designated Learning Institution) along with the visa application. The institution that issues the letter to you has to be registered. With the letter, the students are also required to meet the criteria of the specified institution.

If Canada immigration officers question the letter of acceptance or doubt the applicant’s eligibility for the institution, then they can reject the visa.

Ensure to receive the letter of acceptance from a registered institution. Attach sufficient documents with the application to prove that minimum requirements are met by you. Also, add some additional documents.

#. English Proficiency

International students from non-native English speaking countries have to submit proof of language with the visa application. The Indian students are required to meet the minimum criteria for English proficiency in IELTS exams. The applicants have to meet both the DLI ELP and the program requirements for proficiency in the English language. Failing to do so can result in visa cancellation.

You should know beforehand the minimum bands required to meet the requirements in the IELTS exam for DLI and the course program. So you can prepare yourself and score the highest bands to ease your visa application process.


The process for Canada student visa application isn’t that difficult; only your negligence with document submission can make it challenging for you. But if you follow the above-mentioned steps, then you can easily get visa approval after reapplying for a student visa. Before you start your process for student visa application, ensure to check what all documents are required for visa approval.

IELTS exams are one thing that you have to prepare for long before the process of visa application begins. So if you don’t want to get rejected for not being fluent in the English language, then start your preparations early. You can join आईईएलटीएस निंजा, which provides the best mentors and study material for the preparations.

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