Ireland has been the centre of learning in Europe since 500 AD, gaining it the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’ tag. Trinity College Dublin, one of the oldest universities, obtained its charter and university status in 1592. On the other hand, institutions such as the National University of Ireland in Maynooth were established in 1795 and universities in Galway and Cork have since begun their work.

In this blog, you will learn about the best universities in Ireland to pursue an MBA degree.

Why Study in Ireland? MBA in Ireland

A new analysis by Global Information Technology found that the literacy rate (for adults 15 years and above) in Ireland has been a steady 99 percent since 2008, with a tradition of strong respect and motivation to learn awareness. Universities sponsored by the government include the finest laboratories, academic centres and state-of-the-art facilities on magnificent campuses

This island in the North Atlantic has about 85 percent of students who finished their secondary education with a low fee structure. Known for its scientific services and opportunities, in 18 research areas, Irish research ranks among the top one hundred globally. internationally, 12 percent of the population of Irish students are students from 160 foreign countries.

MBA in Ireland

In Ireland, an MBA provides a sweet haven for students seeking to distinguish themselves under a tight budget with a European experience. In addition, as the US laws and regulations tighten, candidates in the European Union are finding more alternatives. Ireland is one of the better choices for seeking a Master of Business Administration.

It has choices ranging from healthcare, to project management, to public administration. Students with an Irish MBA degree see a rise in their annual salary by 50-60 percent, according to a new European survey. Irish schools are attracting a growing number of applications from foreign students each year due to their affordable fee structure.

This island in the North Atlantic, ranked 12th in the 2013 Global Peace index, draws students because of its universities’ post-study career prospects and services. The top Irish Master of Business Administration Colleges offers numerous MBA programmes.

Master of Business Administration universities offers three kinds of programmes, such as full-time Master of Business Administration, part-time Master of Business Administration, and implementation, which you can select according to the criteria and time availability.

MBA Universities in Ireland

Some institutions can only provide a certain type of programme, while others can provide a variety of programmes as previously described. This is a list of some of the best colleges and the kinds of MBA programmes they offer:

  • University College Cork, Cork, Ireland: Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin: Part-Time Master of Business Administration
  • University of Limerick – Kemmy Business School, Limerick, Ireland: Executive Master of Business Administration
  • IMI Irish Management Institute, Dublin
  • University of Dublin – Trinity College, Dublin: Full-Time Master of Business Administration and Part-Time Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Dublin City University Business School, Dublin, Ireland: Executive Master of Business Administration
  • National University of Ireland, Galway – Cairnes Graduate School, Galway, Ireland: Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Griffith College Limerick, Limerick, Ireland: Full-Time Master of Business Administration in International Business and a Part-Time Master of Business Administration in International Business, and Distance Learning Master of Business Administration
  • University College Dublin (UCD) – Michael Smurfit School of Business, Dublin: Full-Time Master of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Griffith College Dublin, Dublin: Full-Time Master of Business Administration in International Business and Part-Time Master of Business Administration in International Business
  • Warnborough College, Dublin: Distance Learning in Master of Business Administration and International Executive Master of Business Administration

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Is it Worth Doing MBA in Ireland?

It is a perfect decision to seek an MBA in this island in the North Atlantic due to the fact that it is actually undergoing a business boom. Here, education is also of an exceptional level and this island in the North Atlantic is a nation renowned for its high-quality teaching and science. You should look at the fees for various MBA courses in Ireland and compare them.

As you can see, the Blanchardstown Institute of Technology is the cheapest in terms of cost. However, the course is given over two years with tuition. IBAT’s MBA, by contrast, lasts for 15 months and costs only EUR 8,000. Doing some more analysis reveals that ITB is a young institution and was only founded in 2019, so if you’re looking for a place with more history, Ireland, known greatly as the Land of Saints and Scholars, does have a fast-paced economic system that welcomes thousands of international students each year for its renowned Master’s programmes, one of them being the MBA.

Pursue MBA in Ireland

Here are a couple of reasons to consider pursuing an MBA in Ireland:

Education of High Quality

Ireland is made up of top universities in every discipline that offers different degree programmes.

Irish universities are recognised globally, which can help you find career opportunities around the world. Most of Ireland’s universities are government-funded, ensuring affordable levels of a world-class education.

Career Possibilities

Getting an international degree that helps you develop your career prospects globally is the main reason for pursuing higher education in a foreign country. Pursuing an MBA in Ireland gives you a European Union-recognized degree that can help you find job opportunities around the world in both the public and private sectors.

Diversity of Experience

One of Ireland’s biggest advantages of pursuing a Master of Business Administration is that international students have an opportunity to indulge in Ireland’s rich culture and tradition. This can allow you to learn about Irish culture and its distinctive food, music, architecture, and history in different ways.

Can I Get a Job after Studying MBA in Ireland?

in order to earn some additional money, working while studying abroad is important for many international students. Most Irish universities offer numerous work opportunities and a work permit for foreign students. Not only this, many colleges provide internship programmes for students to help them acquire practical knowledge and learning experiences. The Irish government, along with this, also grants several scholarships and loans to financially support international students.

Therefore, with its affordable education rates and prominent EU-recognized degree courses, Ireland’s MBA could be the right decision to continue sailing in the various management streams.

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Is GMAT Required for MBA in Ireland?

Although GMAT or GRE is considered to be an important part of Ireland’s MBA admission application, there are universities that accept a Master of Business Administration application without GMAT.

  • Required Exams: IELTS exam; TOEFL; GMAT.
  • Eligibility: Graduate from any discipline.
  • Fees for the course: 7.4 to 30 lakhs INR (Full programme).
  • Average annual salary: INR of 58-72 lakhs per annum.


Ireland is definitely a unique destination for study and its academic institutions are often ranked among some of the best in the world. Many global companies also have offices here, so business graduates have plenty of job opportunities. to ensure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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