If you are fascinated by the aura of Australia and want to pursue your education from the top premium colleges, then you must learn about the process of applying to those universities. The initial application method, the criteria is listed below for you to see. The land of sunny meadows, Australia sees an increase in incoming international students every year and has turned out to be one of the countries with a large student population.

Australia has its own set of premium technical institutions and colleges with English as the primary mode of communication. It has been initiated for a very long time so that students from abroad don’t get disheartened by the language barrier.

What are the Requirements for Australian Student Visa Procedure?

Applying for an Australian visa can be a little time consuming and can become quite hectic as a procedure. It is more or less because of the multiple screening and many criteria to be satisfied, but with this blog, it can be a piece of cake if you follow along.

The GTE Criteria for Student Visa in Australia

The student visa process requests the students to submit to the fact that the person is legit in a literary sense and must be a temporary entrant to have the visa process. This set a bar that all students are temporary resident of the country whose sole job is to come to the country to pursue their educational career or to take care of a student as a parent or a legal guardian.

This is the GTE criteria of a student visa process.

The GTE decision is taken by an individual who ensures, guarantees and regulates the following points:

  1. The history of immigration of the individual.
  2. The future valuation of the course he/she is pursuing.
  3. Circumstances both political and financial status of the individual in his/her own country and in Australia.

The individual’s (usually referred to as the decision-maker) decision is final in the case of GTE criteria for a student visa.

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Enrolment in the Course

Other important criteria of the student visa procedure are the course one is enrolling into.
The candidate applying for the visa must produce his/ her enrollment letter in the program or the degree he is enrolled in.

The CoE letter is also a valid document for visa application and can be sent as evidence for the same.

Financial Criteria

One of the most important parts of the Australian visa procedure is the finance section. Australian student visas require proof of funds showing that the candidate can sustain the course fee in addition to basic necessities like food and lodging (i.e. rent).

There are some limitations attached to these by the Australian Government. There should be available funds in the account and the account should directly belong to the individual applying for the student visa.

In other cases, if someone acts as a sponsor for the individual, the sponsor should enter into an agreement to support the individual’s tuition fees and must have the required fund available in his/her account.

The individual’s sponsor or the individual himself must have an Australian income source or an offshore tax valuation, bank account statements for the 3 prior months with a closing balance of at least 5000 AUD. He/She must also possess properties if the applicant wishes to apply for a visitor’s visa.

English Proficiency Test

The primary mode of communication in almost all the universities in Australia is in English. Thus, an individual must take an English proficiency test proving that he/ she is competent enough to complete the course in English.

The common English proficiency tests accepted by the Visa authorities in Australia and the universities are:

  1. आईईएलटीएस
  2. TOEFL – iBT
  3. (Cambridge Advanced English) CAE
  4. (Occupational English Test) OET
  5. Pearson Test of English Academic

Out of all of these, it is safe to say that the IELTS is the most preferred and the most widely accepted English proficiency test held among different individuals.

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Overseas Health Cover for Students (OSHC)

Since Australia is a land of healthy people spread all around, thus it is not wrong to say that the Australian visa process takes the health of an individual very seriously.

  1. The candidates are expected to go through a medical examination to demonstrate their health and well being.
  2. The candidate must bear the expenses of his/her medical tests.
  3. Fee refunds are not applicable if the candidate misses his/her interview for the medical examination.

OSHC serves as a kind of medical insurance for students to help cover the medicine and hospital bills, as medical treatment seems to be a bit pricey in Australia.

However, OSHC has little provisions for pharmacy or ambulances.

Australian Student Visa Processing Time

The Student visa apparently approves an individual to stay in Australia for as long as up to 5 years, completely based on their enrollment or their intent to study full-time at an educational institution, or as does the applicant states. Check out the below section to know everything about the Australian Student visa processing time even after medical.

  1.  An individual can be expected to participate in a qualified course of study.
  2. An individual also is permitted to include family members, be it their spouse, or the minor child of the spouse, if circumstances apply in their personal submission.
  3. An individual, besides, also can apply within or over Australia online.
  4. When finally the course begins, an individual is permitted to work up to 40 hours every 2-week cycle.

Procedure for Student Visa Application

Anybody outside of Australia who wishes for applying what is being mentioned above should at least start 6 weeks prior to the course actually begins. You should permit enough time before the new visa you obtained basically expires in Australia since it will assist in resolving absolutely any trouble within the maximum time.

Utilizing various significant tools for document checklist and collecting the respective documents for the same should be entertained precisely as well.

How Much does a Student Visa Cost?

The total expense which is seen for any primary candidate applying for a student visa can be AUD 620, while at the same time, absolutely any family member applying for a visa must have to pay a minimum amount to let the process begin.

New Australian Student Visa Rules

There have been recent changes to introduce new rules for Australia student visas. As of 1st January 2021, carrying biosecurity hazardous products into the country is a criminal offence if otherwise not reported to the border officials. The student visa holders, temporary residents will have their visas confiscated and be deported home.

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Rules for Temporary Graduate Visa

As of September 2020, the Australian government made some major changes to the temporary graduate visa and new amendments are on the way. According to this, students outside Australia were allowed to avail of this visa, with an addition 12 months extension after completion of the course.

New amendments are to be made available from the end of 2021 which will enable the student visa holders to convert their visas into post-study temporary graduate visa and can be extended for individuals who have graduated from a regional university.

The Positive Effect of the Extension

The destinations of Australia has issued their final allocations for the 2020-21 Interim Qualified Visa Nomination Scheme, and most of the foreign graduates are waiting to hear for the permanent residency to reinstitute from the new year.

A migration agent enquired and divulged just recently how great as a new it is for overseas students who have graduated and lead their personal lives in certain geographical regions alike. Mainly, the grant cycle, solely for the second temporary graduate visa is expected to be determined on the basis of where the recipient had been studying and where exactly they lived during their first temporary graduate visa.

With professional migration being highly competent at this moment in time, the additional one or two years is supposed to provide enough time and potential to amass better points in the near future to safeguard one invite.

Besides, it most likely will also stair up to motivate certain prospective students to go for Australia as one of their options to study from, exactly at the time when numerous already are looking at different nations like Canada and the United Kingdom because, as known, the borders of Australia remain key-locked.


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