Through this article, let us focus on IELTS Speaking Task 2 .The examiner will take your face to face interview. The examiner will lead you through the three parts of the test:

  • An introduction
  • A speak up where the candidate speaks for one to two minutes on a particular topic,
  • And a two-way discussion thematically linked to the individual long turn.

The candidate gives a short talk towards the end . So,  card of familiar topic and several prompts for IELTS Speaking task is given . Then, you have one minute to make notes on what you want to say before speaking for two minutes on the topic given.
So,in this article, an audio is generated as an answer,
The question appeared  on cue card for task 2 was

‘Girl’s favorite past time Shopping’

You can speak about-
Who does most of the shopping in your household?
What kind of shopping do you like doing?
Is shopping a popular activity in your country?

Shopping idioms and vocabulary

shop and words for shop
Shop is an important word with different combinations to learn:
go shopping = a general phrase
do the shopping = when you buy things you need probably from the supermarket
shop around = not buy the first thing you see but look for better value or the best product
get = shop!!
purchase/make a purchase = a less common way of saying shop
My fellow trainer has put up an audio which you can refer to as the model answer.

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