Are you brainstorming for ways of writing an ideal essay?  Essays are an unavoidable part of our lives and most of us have to write them during academic , competitive and other tests that we appear for.

Essays have a certain format that needs to be carefully followed. If all the parameters of an ideal essay are adhered to, it increases the readability of your piece and also makes it interesting. 

In this blog, we will cover 5 things that candidates need to avoid while composing an essay.


Such petty errors are easily avoidable. Misspelled words can make you lose out on marks unnecessarily. Practicing writing essays well before an assessment brushes up on your grammatical skills and also provides you with the confidence that’s needed in order to churn out flawless essays.

Mistakes such as they’re and there, we’re and were can be easily averted if one remains ultra attentive while writing essays and reviewing them later. Always write your essays in third person.


Most of us are predisposed towards speaking colloquially with our near and dear ones. The manner in which we interact with people whom we meet on a regular basis and the manner in which an academic essay needs to be written are different. While writing something that is purely academic in nature,  we need to be mindful of the terminologies, phrases and idioms that we use. 

Let’s take a look at this sentence : Ram feels pretty lazy and avoids hitting the fitness studio.

This sentence sounds very casual and needs to be rewritten as ‘Ram is lackadaisical with regard to visiting his fitness studio.’


The instructions that are spelt out at the beginning of the task that’s allotted to you needs to be followed. If the essay is argumentative and wants you to take a stand, do so by all means. However, if the essay is discursive in nature , you need to provide a discourse in favour of the topic. You should keep it elaborate.

An essay that asks you to discuss the side effects of antibiotics should clearly outline the side effects that such drugs cause instead of just providing your personal views about it.


Do not bombard the examiner with information that is unnecessary and considerably vast.  Substantiating each of your points or facts with relevant examples should suffice. If you overwhelm the examiner with additional information about the topic at hand, he/ she will find it difficult to assess you on the parameters that are there. Filter out information that will not add any value to your overall piece.


The essay should seem neat and freely flowing. The transitions between the subsequent paragraphs will help the reader in understanding how well you’ve summed up all your points.

The transitioning should be seamless and the connection must never suffer a jerk. If you’re writing an essay that discusses the problem of malnutrition in underdeveloped nations, do not deviate from the main topic while you’re moving over to the next paragraph. The focus should remain on the problem that malnutrition causes in these countries.

All students can produce beautiful and well structured essays if they keep these basic pointers in mind.

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