Occasions spice up our everyday lives as nothing else does. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or other celebrations; special days are always memorable. We encounter them from time to time and savor all the positive aspects that they bring to our lives.

Do you find yourself struggling with the right words to describe something during an occasion? We have compiled a list of 15 such words which you can use to communicate during special days. During the IELTS general training , you will have to encounter several context-specific words, and the more terms you familiarize yourself with, the more equipped you will feel.
Let’s go through them and understand their meaning so that you can ace your IELTS general test without any hiccups.

ये भी पढ़ें: क्यू कार्ड: अपने देश की परंपरा का वर्णन कैसे करें

Ceremonial : Something that is related to the ceremony that’s taking place.

Eg: The bride needed to wear a beautiful long gown that would be ceremonial.

Jubilee: A special anniversary or celebration of it
Eg : The couple celebrated their golden jubilee at a posh hotel with their loved ones.

Finery: Showy, elaborate dressing for an occasion.

Eg: Mira loves adorning herself with finery each time she goes to a party.

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Red – Letter: A day that is of special significance.

Eg : Cindy’s convocation ceremony was a red letter day for her.

Festoon: To decorate a space for a special occasion with the help of flowers, lights etc.

Eg : The hallway is festooned with white roses.

Spruce: To beautify an area for a particular event.

Eg : The hall needs to be spruced up right before Christmas so that a tree can be placed there.

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Distinguishable: To be perceived as being different and unique from the rest of the crowd.

Eg :  Rani is always distinguishable from others at an event on account of her bold dressing choices.

Red Carpet:  Special treatment that is usually provided to a very important or honored guest at an event.

Eg: The mayor received a red carpet throughout the party.

Cookout:  A place where a meal is cooked and served to guests, usually an outdoor space.

Eg: I won’t be able to attend office as I have to attend my sister’s cookout on Friday.

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Pageantry:  A ceremony that is spectacular.

Eg: The pageantry that comes with Beauty Contests is intriguing.

Charisma: A special charm that someone possesses which usually inspires fascination towards the person.

Eg: Hitler swayed countless people with his charisma and brainwashed them into committing heinous crimes.

Condole: Express one’s grief over an unfortunate event.

Eg : The minister condoled with the families of the ones who were involved in the helicopter crash.

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Incandescent: Someone who emanates brilliance.

Eg : People who have incandescent personalities are very charming.

Solemnize: To observe and honour with solemnity.

Eg :Marriages are solemnized through understanding.

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Luncheon: Meal that is eaten during the day.

Eg: Their wedding was followed by a luncheon at the gallery.


Were you aware of these words? How many new terms have you picked up? The next time you’re delivering a speech during the IELTS Speaking round or writing an essay for the IELTS Writing section, incorporate these into the content that you will be churning out.

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