How Ruchi achieved 8.0 Band Score

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“IELTS NINJA’s course material & my mentor’s inputs helped me comprehensively to score very well, with perfect 9s in two sections!”

Ruchi Nitin Kapadiya

Ruchi’s Experience with IELTS Ninja

I had tried IELTS before but did not get my dream scores. IELTS NINJA and my mentor Ms. Malhotra. B made that possible. The Course covered all the sections comprehensively and by the end of the course, I had immense confidence in myself and as a result, my scores shot up!

About Ruchi from his/her mentor, Ms. Malhotra B.

“When Ruchi joined IELTS NINJA she was a little low on confidence as she wasn’t able to get her desired scores in her earlier try. However, she was ready to put in a lot of hard work and was determined to succeed. IELTS NINJA’s Course material and inputs and feedback from my side helped her gain her confidence and she came out very successful in her attempt this time!”

Ms. Malhotra B.

Ruchi’s IELTS Score

Target Band Achieved!

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