Rajani Punugoti Got Overall Band Score 6.5

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Over All Band Achieved : 6.5  

Result Breakup :


Interview with Rajani

uFaber: Hi Rajani, how was your experience with uFaber Edutech? Rajani: It was amazing. I got an excellent teacher (Ms.Shruti) and only because of her I was able to score 7 in Speaking and 6.5 in Writing. The way she explained and made my write is amazing.

uFaber: Did the personalized training program for IELTS help you? Rajani: Absolutely! The patience and hard work the trainer put was great. She researched well and sent me the topics related to vocabulary.

uFaber: What were the challenges you were facing and what helped you overcome it?
Rajani: I had poor speaking skills but my trainer used to listen to my recordings even if I sent them late at night and used to give me suggestions to improve my vocabulary and speaking skills. This helped me get the desired scores. In Writing too I was able to correct my grammar mistakes with the help of the trainer and that made me confident before the exam.

uFaber: Were the 25 practice tests provided in the course help you? Rajani: Yes, they really helped me. Getting them assessed by the trainer and knowing the mistakes beforehand helped me avoid those mistakes in the IELTS test.

uFaber: Is there any advice or suggestions you would like to give to improve the course?
Rajani: The only suggestion I have is that there should be some method to brainstorm and collect the ideas.

uFaber: Thank you Rajani. We will definitely keep that in mind and improve. All the best for your future. Rajani: Thank you.  ]]>

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