“IELTS NINJA Gave Me The Trainer Needed To Take Me To My Desired Score!”

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“Thanks, IELTS NINJA for providing the best mentor. She made me defeat the challenge I once thought insurmountable!”

Mohit(Left) sharing his experience with IETLS Team Member Shivank (Right)

After failing miserably to score 7 in Writing and Speaking in 2017, I was hopeless. I had poured myself into English then, but I could score only 6.5 in Writing and 6 in Speaking.

Thank the lord, I came across my IELTS NINJA mentor, Ms. Jain. A, through IELTS NINJA, which really is a great platform for all those who are preparing for IELTS.

She made me understand what exactly was expected of me when it came to Writing. If the examiner wants a banana, you can not offer him an orange. It was not an easy journey, she made me work very hard on my Writing as well as Speaking. I learned a whole new lot of words that help you score well on the final day. Her proficiency in the English language is commendable, but what is more important is that she is well versed with the nuances and intricacies of the IELTS format.

I can’t thank Ms. Jain enough for making me defeat the challenge I once thought insurmountable. Thanks, IELTS NINJA for providing the best mentor.

About Mohit from his mentor, Ms. Jain A.

Mohit was working in the Indian Railways as a Nurse. He wanted to migrate to Australia for better job prospects and needed a score of 7. He enrolled with IELTS NINJA and I was appointed as his mentor.

Mohit actually worked very hard and would follow my instruction religiously. His writing was not up to the mark initially but the good study material from IELTS NINJA, constant practice and analysis from my side proved to be really beneficial. Similarly, all other modules were also studied diligently and the result is there for all to see…He got 8-band scores while aspiring for 7-bands!

Breakdown of the Overall Band Score:

Module Band Score
Overall Band Score8.5

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