How Arfa achieved her desired Band Score

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“During the sessions with my IELTS NINJA mentor, my Writing & Speaking skills improved drastically.” ~ Arfa

Arfa’s Experience with IELTS Ninja

I was aiming to better my scores in Writing and Speaking when I came across IELTS NINJA. During my course, my mentor Ms. Saxena. S helped me improve a lot in the Writing section. Along with improving my sentence formation, she also taught me to write the essays more coherently and cohesively. I had taken 22 hours package for two months & during these sessions, my Speaking skills improved drastically too.

She spoke to me about different topics and told me where I went wrong and also helped me speak fluently, incorporating a wide range of vocabulary. Ms. Saxena. S was an efficient & good mentor and it made me confident enough to attempt IELTS examination.

About Arfa from her mentor, Ms. Saxena S.

“Arfa was very regular in taking her sessions. Although she faced health issues, she tried her level best to follow instructions & work on them. She had an exceptionally good command over the language, so I focussed on the content & vocabulary in Speaking & Writing. With her continuous efforts & practice, she improved in both the Speaking & Writing sections. Her hard work proved fruitful.”

Ms. Saxena S.

Arfa’s IELTS Score

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