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  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Ireland

What makes us Unique

100% Transparency in

University selection

World-class Academic Mentors

for SOP & LOR

Personal training

for Test & Interview Prep

Scholarship &

Programs up to USD 10k

Where our students are now studying

How it works

5-steps to Education Abroad.


University Selection

We identify your required score targets for IELTS for Study Abroad and other exams. Our academic team then customizes a preparation plan to ensure you get personalized training to crack these critical exams.

Test Preparation

Based on your score requirement for IELTS Study abroad and other exams, we provide you with a customized preparation plan and personalized high-quality training, helping you crack these critical exams.


University application

Our experienced academicians work on your application, hand-holding you to ensure a Unique SOP and LOR expediting your admission to the highest-ranked universities around the globe.

Finance and Scholarships

You’ll get the best advice to secure loans and sponsorships & a counseling team that works on your financial planning.


Visa and Post admission activation

We’ll help you apply for a visa and once your visa comes through we’ll put you in touch with our extensive alumni to help you get accommodation and your set to fly!

Success Stories

See what our high achievers have to say about us.

Evaluate Yourself

Get a detailed Evaluated Report of your IELTS Study abroad options based on your Profile

Start Profile Evaluation


Our Academic team analyses your profile and selected the best possible colleges that offer you the course(s) you want. We shall advise you on which college has the best rating. But the final decision is yours to take.

For our academically gifted students who are backed up with high academic score, we at IELTSNinja will go above and beyond to apply for scholarships & acquire them. However the final call of awarding the scholarships rest with the college/university.

IELTSNinja believes in recommending the best universities for you. We do not receive any commissions or any monetary compensation from the universities, free consultations are often provided by ‘agents’ who scout students on behalf of colleges and universities. This ensure that we always work for you and not for the benefit of the university or college.

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