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Mission IELTS Program

Unlimited private training until you get your desired band

This is a completely customizable course with guaranteed band achievement. Find the fees for you by selecting the fields below

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Rs. 35,000

How it works

Pre-training assessment

This course starts with a thorough diagnosis of your current English Language skills and IELTS Exam readiness assessment. This assessment is conducted/analysed by a senior trainer who defines a roadmap for you to get your desired band in 1 attempt.

Customized study plan

Based on the assessment, the Senior Trainer creates a tailored study plan, specifically for you. From there on, Multiple trainers will regularly guide, evaluate and monitor your progress.

Mock Tests & Exam conditioning

Throughout the program, you will give over 30 mock tests, and discuss and improve upon each one of them with your trainer so you are 100% exam ready on the day of the test.

3:1 faculty to student ratio

You will always have multiple trainers collectively working on you to achieve your desired band. Throughout the course, you will have daily private classes where you will learn key concepts and get all your doubts answered.

Course Content

  • Talking about yourself.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for talking about yourself.
  • Sentence formation for talking about yourself.
  • Talking about likes, dislikes, habits, everyday life.
  • Describing objects, people, places etc.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for Describing simple things.
  • Sentence formation for Describing simple things.
  • Grammar for Describing simple things.
  • Describing simple experiences like family, friends, education, life events.
  • Vocabulary and phrases for describing simple experiences.
  • Describing complex experiences life events, special occurrences, art, travel, etc.
  • Vocabulary and phrases for describing complex experiences.
  • Giving details beyond simple description like emotions, feelings, attitude, hope, history, background etc.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for giving details.
  • Expressing opinion and Giving simple arguments.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for expressing opinion.
  • Giving complex and sequential arguments.
  • Vocabulary and Phrases for Giving complex arguments.
  • Writing error free simple sentences.
  • Writing simple opinion sentences.
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure for giving opinion.
  • Writing compound sentences.
  • Writing reasoning sentences.
  • Writing opinion and giving examples.
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure for complex sentences.
  • Idea building and brainstorming for giving opinions.
  • Constructing paragraphs for giving opinions.
  • Vocabulary, phrases and sentence structure for constructing paragraphs.
  • Comprehending simple and small text.
  • Understanding paragraph structure.
  • Breaking down complex paragraphs.
  • Comprehending complex longer passages.
  • Reading and listening awareness.
  • Education, Environment and Healthcare.
  • Healthcare, Public policy and social relevance.
  • Technology, science and history.
  • Introduction to Reading section.
  • Improving reading speed and comprehension.
  • Annotation Strategy for improving accuracy.
  • Decoding True/False/Not Given questions.
  • Tackling completion type questions.
  • Mastering matching type questions.
  • Reading Practice Tests Evaluation and Discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and drills on weak areas.
  • Introduction to IELTS writing tasks.
  • Understanding Task 1 – Letter writing.
  • How to write a good Letter?.
  • Vocabulary and Idioms for Letter writing.
  • Types of Essays – Argumentative, Opinion-based, Cause-effect etc.
  • Ideation, Brainstorming and writing essay flows.
  • PEE technique for improving coherence and cohesion.
  • Special techniques for impactful writing.
  • Special Grammar and vocabulary for Essay writing.
  • Writing Task 1 mocks and Evaluation.
  • Essay Writing mocks, Evaluation and Discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • Detailed analysis of Listening test pattern.
  • Listening test taking strategies.
  • Tackling with distractors in listening test.
  • Improving listening speed with Native english accent.
  • Developing Paraphrasing skills for listening section.
  • Solving Table completion Questions.
  • Practise tests on listening section, with analysis and discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • Introduction to speaking section.
  • Strategies for task 1.
  • Strategies for task 2.
  • Strategies for task 3.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 1.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 2.
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms for task 3.
  • 20+ mock speaking sessions.
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • 10 Complete Mock tests with detailed analysis and discussion.
  • 11 Section Practice tests on reading and listening.
  • 30+ Speaking and writing mock tests.
  • Articles and determiners.
  • Nouns and Pronouns.
  • Verbs.
  • Adjectives.
  • Pronouns.
  • Prepositions.
  • Conjunctions.
  • Tenses.
  • Subject Verb Agreement.
  • Subject Verb Agreement.
  • Expressing Opinions.
  • Complex Sentences.
  • Linking Words.
  • Conditional Sentences.
  • Paraphrasing.
  • Idioms for people.
  • Idioms for places.
  • Idioms for habits.
  • Idioms for plans.
  • Idioms about experience.
  • Idioms for objects.

User Reviews

After Three Attempts, I Successfully Passed IELTS After Joining IELTS NINJA. I highly recommend the IELTS NINJA Course to those who are looking forward to achieving a good band in IELTS."

” …My IELTS NINJA mentor helped me in getting my desired band…”. I’m grateful to IELTS NINJA for improving my skills and providing a platform for such comprehensive learning.

“Thank You IELTS NINJA For Providing This Excellent Learning Platform And Brilliant Mentors”..Securing a Band 8 in the first attempt was something I hadn’t thought in my wildest dreams!…”


  • This course starts with a thorough diagnosis of your current English Language skills and IELTS Exam readiness assessment.
  • This assessment is conducted/analysed by a senior trainer who defines a roadmap for you to get your desired band in 1 attempt.
  • Based on the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses done by the senior trainer you are allotted multiple trainers who will work with on your areas for improvement.
  • Your Senior Trainer evaluates your performance every week. Based on your progress, your Senior trainer, along with the other trainers, will customize your study plan for sustained improvement
  • After sufficient language improvement, you are directed to IELTS specific training
  • In the end you are put on a rigorous mock test routine
  • Once you start scoring your desired bands in our internal IELTS Mock Tests you are ready to pick an exam date

The content will be a mix of interactive video lectures, reading material, practice quizzes and mock tests along with daily private sessions with your trainer.

Each personal training session is of a total duration of 1 hour.

Every class has a set agenda following a study plan (click here to view the plan). Your trainer will assign pre-class videos and reading material. During the class, she will teach you how to apply the key concepts.

Along with an IELTS certification and excellent communication skills, your potential trainer has experience of training over 100 students and several 8+ band success stories under her belt. Check out our trainer profiles here

After you enroll for the program, you are required to give a diagnostic test which will determine your current band level. Based on the gap between the current and target band level, an appropriate trainer will be mapped specifically for you.

Although such occurrences are rare, in case of any issues with the trainer, we do offer an opportunity to change trainer on special request.

Around 80% of students who take this course score their required band. If you stick to the study plan (click to view), you will surely score your desired band. We have several students who have managed perfect 9 bands after our training - View perfect 9 success stories

Yes, under special request we provide a one time option for a student to change exam category from General to Academic or vice versa

Yes, you can inform our team regarding the leaves and we will put your course on hold for the desired dates. Although, if you are absent for more than 3 days, we cannot always guarantee the same trainer as before.

Yes, because 1 hr class means 3 hours of study! Every 1-hour class is linked with 1 hour of video and the reading material as “pre-class” assignment. After every class, you get at least 1 hour worth of practice exercise and remedial exercise. You also need to attempt several mock tests. Each mock test is 1hr to 3 hrs long

Yes, if you want a taste of what our online class experience is and how intense can it be. You can request for a free session with us. Click here to schedule a trial class