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How it works

A simple 4-step process to get your desired band.


Diagnostic Test

Attempt a replica of the IELTS test just as you would in the actual IELTS examination. This will give you an accurate starting point, form here on our IELTS experts will work with you to achieve your desired band score.

Foundation Course

Next up we will being an intensive training Pre-IELTS training in which we will build up the skills that you will require to ace the IELTS. Here we will focus on building your language skills required for the IELTS.


IELTS Preparation

Once your pre IELTS Prep is done we will begin training you in all four modules of the IELTS test namely the Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking + Exam Readiness module.

Sign off

Finally once you have completed your Exam Readiness you will be set to get signed off. This is the final stage of your training in which we will make certain that you will be able to achieve you desired band score.


Meet Our Trainers

Learn from the best IELTS trainers in India.

Course Content

Learn from the best trainers in India.

In Depth Analysis of the Reading Section

Using Annotation Strategies

Multiple choice

Identifying information

Identifying writer’s views/claims

Matching information/features

Matching headings

Matching sentence endings

Sentence/Summary completion

Note/Table/Diagram label completion

Short-answer questions

In Depth Analysis of the Writing Section

Understanding Task 1

Formal Letter Writing

Informal Letter Writing

Understanding Task 2

Types of Essays

How to Write an Introduction - Body - Conclusion

Writing Opinion & Non Opinion Essays

Writing Problem - Solution Essays

Writing Advantage - Disadvantage Essays

Writing Discussing two views in an Essays

In Depth Analysis of the Listening Test

Keyword Listening Strategy

Identifying Key information Strategy

Avoiding Distractors

Acquiring a ear for Native Accents

Multiple choice


Plan/map/diagram labelling

Form/note/table/flow-chart completion

Sentence/summary completion

In Depth Analysis of the Speaking Test

Kew Word Tracking strategy

Tackling Part1 Conversations of Speaking test

Tackling Part2 Cue Cards of Speaking test

Tackling Part3 Discussion of Speaking test

Guidelines for Band 9

Part 1 Conversation question Library

Part 2 & 3 Cue Cards & Discussion question Library

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This course starts with a thorough diagnosis of your current English Language skills and IELTS Exam readiness assessment.

This assessment is conducted/analysed by a senior trainer who defines a roadmap for you to get your desired band in 1 attempt.

Based on the analysis of your strengths and weaknesses done by the senior trainer you are allotted multiple trainers who will work with on your areas for improvement.

Your Senior Trainer evaluates your performance every week. Based on your progress, your Senior trainer, along with the other trainers, will customize your study plan for sustained improvement

After sufficient language improvement, you are directed to IELTS specific training

In the end you are put on a rigorous mock test routine

Once you start scoring your desired bands in our internal IELTS Mock Tests you are ready to pick an exam date

WThe content will be a mix of interactive video lectures, reading material, practice quizzes and mock tests along with daily private sessions with your trainer.

Each personal training session is of a total duration of 1 hour.

Every class has a set agenda following a study plan (click here to view the plan). Your trainer will assign pre-class videos and reading material. During the class, she will teach you how to apply the key concepts.

Along with an IELTS certification and excellent communication skills, your potential trainer has experience of training over 100 students and several 8+ band success stories under her belt. Check out our trainer profiles here

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