Everything you want to know about how IELTS Ninja ensures your success.


Everything you want to know about how IELTS Ninja ensures your success.

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The IELTS is a both a very simple test and yet can be quite tricky. Most people would like to believe that they can do this test by themselves, but there’s a lot of misconception and misinformation online that it's best to get trained by an IELTS expert to ensure you get your desired bands score.

The IELTS General Training test is for those who aim to settle abroad in an English speaking country. While on the other hand, The IELTS Academic test is for people applying for higher education or professional registration in an English speaking environment.

It totally depends upon you. If you are good with computers and feel that your handwriting is not neat enough, do attempt the computer based test. But if you are confident about your handwriting and are more comfortable reading off a paper then opt for the paper test.

PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. Depending upon your educational / career goals you should make a choice to give the PTE or the IELTS.

Both of the test are easy to crack with our help, the PTE test is a computer based test, i.e. your results are calculated by a computer, it has a bit more of a variety of questions but the skills tested are the same as the IELTS. With the right amount of coaching and mentoring both are just as easy.

The IELTS & PTE are a both a very simple tests and yet can be quite tricky. Most people would like to believe that they can do these tests by themselves, but there’s a lot of misconception and misinformation online that it's best to get trained by a Language expert to ensure you get the right information and are able to get your required scores.

This depends totally upon your requirement and the time you have to prepare. If you have the time and want the best results, the most recommended courses would be to go for an Ultimate or Mission Program.

If you are really pressed for time and need a quick crash course you can opt to go for the Express course, or if you only need help in one particular module you can go for a focus course.

The Mission is a marathon program where 3 trainers work on you for months to get your target band. You will continue to get trained until you get your desired band score.

Some of our students only need help in one or two modules so they can choose just a hyper focused program that enables them to acquire skills that ensures an improvement in the module they need the most help in.

The BootCamp classes are specially designed classes for The Academic IELTs here a trainer trains a group of students together in a dynamic class.

Yes you can upgrade your course at any time all you have to do is contact your personal course manager and they will ensure a smooth transition.

The diagnostic test helps our academic counsellors understand your requirement as a student and then begin designing a customized study plan for you and also helps us assign the best mentor for you.

Your study plan will be one that strategically organizes your study so that you can acquire skills that will be necessary to crack the IELTS or the PTE exam with ease and confidence.

No two people are the same, it depends upon two main factors: your current level of English and also your target band. If you have opted for the Mission program, your mentor will ensure that you are ready to take the Test and get your target band no matter how long it might take you.

You can schedule your classes at any time between 7am to 11pm.

You can schedule a class of 30 min or even a class of 60 min.

Yes this is possible! We can customize the duration of the class, however this will be subject to the availability of a trainer, do get in touch with your support manager and they will do their best to help you out.

Yes you can however, your mentor might not be the same as they might be busy training another student at the changed time. We recommend that you select a time when you usually are free and won’t have to change the time.

Yes, we understand that a lot of our clients are working professionals and would only be able to take classes on weekends.

Yes, thought we do not recommend going on a long break in between as this would delay your course and could also hamper your preparation for the IELTS. If you have to take a break do get in touch with your Student Manager. Do keep in mind that if you go on an extended break, when you resume your classes your trainer might be changed.

Yes, you do have an option of getting extra Mentoring classes after the completion of your course, do get in touch with your student manager and they will do their best to help you out.

This usually would not happen but you can always get in touch with us by dropping a mail on contac[email protected] and we ensure that you get a mentor allotted asap.

All of our Mentors are Certified IELTS & PTE experts who have undergone a rigorous training and have a proven track record of ensuring their students get their target band scores.

Yes, if at any time you need to change your mentor you can change your mentor by clicking on the mentor details and you can request for a new mentor. Additionally after each class you will get a feedback text and you can get in touch with the support team for any assistance.

Usually you will have one mentor that will guide you through the entire test, as this helps build a student-teacher bond and makes classes more personalized and constructive.

All of our mentors are highly qualified and are quite capable if you need to change your mentor, we can help you out there. You cannot choose a mentor, as the mentor that you might want might not be free at the time when you are. However, you could make a special request to your student manager, and they will try their level best to help you out.

All of our classes are conducted over the Zoom app a video calling & screen sharing app, if Zoom is not available in your country we do use an alternate web app to conduct these classes.

You can access the portal and watch videos and even attempt a quiz or two over the mobile phone. However, for a really immersive learning experience you need to use a desktop or laptop. In your class your mentor will constantly asking you to do various activities and for this you would need to have your hands free and have the ability to type / listen to audio clearly / or speak.

All of the tests have a paper view that is similar to having a PDF of the test on your screen, additionally you can also download and print the test and have a real paper based test experience.

Each of the tests and exercises also have the option of the CBT; this is identical to the CBT test of the IELTS. Using it you will be able to get all the practice you need to give the test.

We have loads and loads of resources online from videos to full length tests to question specific exercises and answer templates. You will not need to purchase any additional books.

Depending upon the course you choose your study plan will be drawn up and you will get the appropriate amount of practice.

Our videos and articles are protected by copyright and to prevent piracy you will not be able to download any of the videos but, you can always access them whenever you need to.

We, hope this does not happen, but your mentor will make an exception and you will be given an extension or you might have to do the exercise in class.

The listening and the Reading test which are objective in nature are corrected by the computer, if you feel that there is an error do bring it up with your mentor and they will be able to resolve your doubts. The Writing and the Speaking test that are subjective in nature are graded by your mentor, following the guidelines provided by the IELTS.

All you have to do is drop a mail on [email protected] and our team will get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Our mentors are passionate individuals that are dedicated to seeing their students achieve their target scores, and would not miss a class unless it’s an emergency. Should an emergency like this occur your trainer will inform you as soon as possible and this class will be rescheduled.

Yes, you have the option of availing of paying for the course in EMI installment using ZESTMONEY.

Yes we offer you the option of using ZESTMONEY as it has a no-cost EMI!

Canada Immigration

The basic eligibility criterion for Indian citizens is as follows-

You must have recognized work-experience

You must be within the age group 20 to 40 yrs (for an easy entry)

You must have recognized education qualification

You must be an English speaking person

No, the criteria for getting a PR (permanent residence) visa have several stages and validation criteria. To get an “Invite” you must be going through the following process.

You must first get your CRS score (don’t worry we will tell how is this done)

The points are scored out of a total of 1200 points.

If your score is 430+ your chances of getting a PR invite are high!

Your CRS score will be higher if you have good education qualification, you are below 30 yrs of age and have continuous years of work experience, English language proficiency and spouse with good CRS score

There are other minor factors, which you can discuss with us

It is possible to increase your CRS score, we will provide the necessary roadmap to do that, IELTS score plays a very important role in improving your CRS score.

IELTS exam score has a lot of points. High IELTS band means high CRS score!

We provide robust services in the most transparent package to help you get your Canadian PR Invite.

The detailed assessment of your Immigration profile

Roadmap to improve your CRS score to increase your chances of getting the visa

Handling your express entry online application for the entire duration (2 to 6 months)

Documents’ preparation and verification to ensure you don’t face technical rejection

Progressing you through, Visa application process, Employment verification, Educational Credential Assessment and other stages until PR invite (ITA)

No hidden cost, consulting fees is exclusive of all Visa and document verification fees

There are various coaching institutes offering IELTS training. We would recommend that you sign up with the best - IELTSNinja don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about us.

Study Abroad

Our Academic team analyses your profile and selected the best possible colleges that offer you the course(s) you want. We shall advise you on which college has the best rating. But the final decision is yours to take.

For our academically gifted students who are backed up with high academic score, we at IELTSNinja will go above and beyond to apply for scholarships & acquire them. However the final call of awarding the scholarships rest with the college/university.

IELTSNinja believes in recommending the best universities for you. We do not receive any commissions or any monetary compensation from the universities, free consultations are often provided by ‘agents’ who scout students on behalf of colleges and universities. This ensure that we always work for you and not for the benefit of the university or college.

Not always - there are many public universities which are very well renowned - for e.g., - UC Berkeley, UCLA, U Michigan Ann Arbor, UT Austin, NCSU, Penn State University, ASU, OSU, Rutgers, etc. It depends on the course that you select.

There are many parameters that are considered and these may vary from agency to agency. Factors like the number of students placed, research projects are undertaken, papers published by faculty members, determine the ranking. Note, rankings can be manipulated as they are based on statistics. We recommend that you focus on the departmental ranking primarily.

Here are some of the main criteria:

The course curriculum, projects, and research opportunities

Brand name of the University

Number of companies coming to the career fairs

Location - financial services job, then prefer NYC or Boston or Chicago


The flexibility of the curriculum - courses /electives /duration

Ratings and feedback

Active Alumni Network

RA/TA/Scholarship opportunities

Batch size

Personal constraints such as weather, proximity to relatives/friends

A nine-month or a one-year course won’t allow you time to explore the curriculum in depth or focus on internships.

A 1.5 year or 2-year will be more relaxed comparatively. It depends on what you want to get out of the program.

If your goal is just to graduate and start working ASAP, then a 9-month can give you a better ROI.

In terms of placement, jobs, etc- this will not have a huge impact, but if you prefer to do a Ph.D. later on, then a program with the thesis will be preferred as it allows you to focus more on research.

*In Canada, if you enroll for a course of 18 months or more in duration, you are eligible to apply for a work permit of 3 years; and if the duration is less than 18 months than this work permit limit goes down to 1 year.

This is important for courses where you need to apply for a license to practice post your graduation. You can directly ask the University or the existing students there. You can also google the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Post-Secondary Education website for details

M.Eng is more project and industry-oriented, while MS will be more research and thesis-based. MS will provide more opportunities for RA/TA. If you plan to pursue Ph.D., then MS will be preferred.

If your end goal is to take a job, then the brand name of the college will be more important than the name of the degree.

As an analogy, if you graduate as an engineer from IIT in India you get a B.Tech, but if you graduate from Mumbai University, you get B.Eng. The brand name clearly plays a more important role than the degree nomenclature.

Such courses are preferred by working professionals who are placed in the vicinity of the University. If you opt for such courses, then the university and the campus life will be missing in your education. You may not get a lot of opportunities to work on varied projects that are a part and parcel of a full-time regular course.

Though people use the terms very interchangeably, colleges are more of a community or a local institution whereas University has more national recognition. Some colleges do not offer a degree but only diploma or certification courses only.

The difference between them is the fact that Applied Sciences is thesis-based while M.Eng can be project-based or course-based. In the 30 credits curriculum for M. Asc, you have about 15 credits for your thesis and 5 courses (15 credits). It typically takes up to 1-2 years to complete the thesis alone provided you defend your thesis successfully (purely research-oriented) whereas M.Eng can be 10 courses or 9 courses and 1 project.

In a nutshell, Master of Applied Science will have research opportunities that can help in getting Co-Op and internship opportunities also. Masters of Engineering is more of a course work + optional project and preferred by working professionals.

SOP is the only part of your application that allows you to speak to the admission committee directly. It's your chance to steal the limelight and convince the committee why they should pick you from among a multitude of equally eligible candidates.

There are two aspects of your application, namely the quantitative and the qualitative aspect. Your GPA and GRE scores can only take you to a certain point, beyond this it is the qualitative aspect, i.e., your statement of purpose, and recommendations that will help you in standing out from a huge pool of applicants and gain admission in the a particular school.

You must have a clear idea about the program you intend to pursue that includes the course in question, curriculum, research opportunities, faculty profiles of graduate students, opportunities for career expansion, careers goals and various student bodies. Thus will acquaint you with the requirements of the program and help you weave your SOP story around that.

It must include your interest, aptitude, and relevant experience in the domain you are applying for besides conveying your long-term and short-term goals and your inclination to pursue the program in that specific university.

The questions that one needs to answer in the SOP are as follows A strong introduction focusing on your interest in the field you intend to specialize What are your career goals What have you done to substantiate your career goals (by way of academics, projects, research papers, internship and full-time work) How will the university or program help you achieve your career goals? What will you contribute to the program? Bring extracurricular activities into the picture.

The Admission committee is going to read your application, and it comprises of faculty members who are specialists

SOP is your story, and no one can write it better than you. It is always a good idea to write your SOP, as it has to reflect your unique style. You can take help of experts to give a structure to your SOP and polish it further. You may take help to get a final review or a grammar/sanity check done. But keep in mind that the admission committee does know of your writing abilities through the GRE and TOEFL exams scores.

You should not rely completely on any software for spell check. Try and proofread your SOP multiple times and also get it checked by experts. A fresh pair of eyes will help in spotting the mistakes you might miss out on. Once you have done a thorough check, you can get it checked by the software.

Earlier the better. The admission process is very competitive, and you must spend time in writing, editing and polishing your SOP. Usually the multiple iterations of the SOP takeover 1-2 months.

The ideal length of your SOP should be from 750-1000 words. If your SOP is of 1200 words, it is advised that you reduce it to 1000 words.

They are of 2 types of word limits – Hard limit and Soft Limit. In hard limit, you might have to enter your essay in a text box, and if you go above the specified words or characters, they are truncated. In this case, you have no option but to be within the limits. For e.g., essays at ISB. In the soft limit, you might have to upload a file. It is ok if you go a bit overboard. But make sure the overboard limit is less than 8-10% of the words. For example for a 500 word essay, you can write 520, 530 or 540 words as long as you are not being verbose and mentioning relevant things. The content is more important than the length.

A good LOR should endorse the following aspects of the student :

Academic/Professional skills

Personal character and attributes

Intellectual abilities

Aptitudes and fortes

Interpersonal Skills

Credibility of the candidate and his/her competence

The aspirant's accomplishments

Your recommendation should ideally be 350 words to 500 words. The ideal length is one page of a Word document. Some universities may have their format or Question-Answers.

You should highlight those skills that you believe the Admission Committee is looking for in a prospective student. Skills may include analytical, team-work, strong grasping power, etc. Use examples to demonstrate the skills.

If you have more than 2 yrs. of experience, go for professional. Also, check on the application requirements page of the University if they have a preference.

If you have more than 2 yrs. of experience, go for professional. Also, check on the application requirements page of the University if they have a preference.

Generally a resume would consist of your educational details, work experience, projects and papers, certifications and technical skills and extra-curricular activities.

An ideal resume would be of 1 page. It can be extended to 2 pages if you have several relevant achievements/activities to list down. If you are going on the second page, make sure you use the entire page and not end somewhere in between. But do not exceed more than 2 pages.

Not unless you scored exceptionally well or received some exceptional accolade for it. Only list down the last two institutions you attended.

In this case you will be writing that you are a “Candidate for Bachelor/Master of __________”

Yes. Duration is always mandatory. Your transcripts are anyway going to depict how long you took to acquire the degree

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