Intensive Listening Preparation
Beat that foreign accent and make it your home
Key Features
one to one training
What is covered?

  • How to do MCQ type of questions
  • Compare and Contrast vocabulary drill
  • Paraphrasing
  • Table completion
  • How to do diagram labelling type of questions
  • Diagram labelling and flow chart completion
  • Listening Practice Tests Evaluation and Discussion
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas

Mock Tests

  • 4 Mock tests with detailed analysis and discussion
  • 2 Live mock tests every sunday for Exam Environment practice

What you will get?
check Personal mentor for 10 classes of 30 minutes each.
check Video lectures for exam strategy, question patterns and grammar.
check 10 practice tests on each question type, in Listening section.
check 10 Mock Tests on the entire Listening section for rigorous practice.
check Daily evaluation and analysis of your test performance in the class.
check Remedial assignments for weak grammar and Listening Section.
INR 3,000 | USD 50
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Mentor Led program work?

Mentor led program works on 3 fundamentals - Pre-session study, Mentor Session, Practice test, Remedial Assignments. You will be given videos documents and some exercises to understand IELTS strategies. In sessions, the mentor will focus on explaining this strategies deeper and practice speaking and writing task on a daily basis. Towards the end of session you will get a feedback on your weak areas on which you will be given remedial drills. Finally you will attempt Practice tests to cement your preparation.

What will be the flow of online sessions?

The sessions will be divided in 3 parts. Part1 - Discussion of strategies for IELTS and the pre-session exercises on the same. Part2 - Practising and detailed analysis of a new speaking and writing task every day. Part4 - Feedback of your weak areas and planning the necessary remedial drills.

How will be the course personalized?

In other words we are answering, How will my personal weakness be tackled? Most of the student lose heavy marks for Grammatical errors. Every student has completely different style of writing and speaking and hence makes completely different errors. We provide exercises and improvement drills in more than 100 micro skills of grammar and language improvement and your teacher will pinpoint the exact microskill you should be working on.

How is Personal trainer led course better than an offline coaching class?

IELTS is a skill exam and not a knowledge test. Hence there is never a perfect answer of an essay or a perfect answer of speaking prompts. Which means why you would lose marks will be completely different from why your friend would. Thus classroom student mostly student suffer because they try to emulate the standard answers and never get the guidance and time to work on their individual writing and speaking styles

ufaber testimonials
Abhinandan, Engineer , Band 8.5
Abhinandan, an Engineering student from Jalandhar scored overall 8.5 band score with 2-months of preparation. He took the IELTS test to pursue further education in Canada....