Why do you need coaching for IELTS in the first place?

IELTS is not a typically difficult exam if you are targeting Band5 or Band6. The only thing difficult is scoring 90%(Band8-9). In order to achieve a high score, you must choose a good mentor. IELTS coaching has become a very competitive market in recent years and it’s very easy to get confused. While choosing coaching it is important to know what different kinds of coaching are available.

Categories of IELTS Coaching:

IELTS coaching can be broadly classified into three categories: Offline, Online, and Personal Coaching.

*Offline coaching classes may seem more accessible and trustworthy (blame our affinity towards traditional classroom teaching!), but studying in groups for IELTS will not help you make the cut. Since IELTS tests you on a wide range of criteria, every individual taking IELTS have different weaknesses. Just as it is of no use visiting a dermatologist in a group of people having various different ailments, similarly, taking guidance in a group, for IELTS is also useless.

*Online classes may allow you to receive tutorials without having to travel but, if those classes are for groups then they won’t be of much use. Moreover, those classes will not be held according to your time.

*Personal classes can be both online and offline. The problem with offline classes is that you are unlikely to find an experienced IELTS mentor within your locality. In that case, you will have to settle for a compromised arrangement. Online personal coaching is by far, the best. You can get world-class guidance from the most experienced individuals. Even if you choose online personal coaching, the question remains whether you will choose an Indian coaching or international coaching.

International Coaching

IELTS being an international exam, you will naturally feel that getting trained by a native mentor is an added advantage. Keeping their credentials aside, you must know that a native mentor’s expectation of per hour rate is extremely high and on top of that, you will only receive one or two hours of personal contact. Most of their resources are recorded videos. While videos can be helpful, Indian students need at least 30-35 hours of personal training by dedicated mentors.

Indian Coaching

Indian IELTS coaching classes offer everything that you need to score Band 8-9. Your personal trainer will look into your difficulties and offer training, which will be tailor-made for you. They will also charge you much lesser than the international trainers and offer you more personalized guidance.


IELTS is a very technical exam system and no amount of memorizing can help you get through. It requires a very systematic approach and personalized training. Out of the innumerable options available for IELTS Coaching, you must do thorough research and not accept one for its face-value. Judge well and farewell.

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