Preeti Got Overall Band Score 7.0

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Preeti’s story of how she got her desired band!

“She needed 7 for PR, She was working full time, She had around 30 days. But she made it, did it in style, crossing 7.5 mark in both listening and speaking”

It all started with the humbling score of Diagnostic test

“A diagnostic tests tells you your real starting point in this race”

Her trainer felt “Preeti had the will, but needed the skill”

“I told her, Preeti! You have good 25 days. I can guarantee you 7 band. Can you guarantee that you will follow my plans. And can you believe she got a 7.5 in listening and speaking. 1.5 bands in 25 days!” – Priya

Videos came to rescue, Strategies were the firepower!

Things started looking good 15th day onward

“By the time I had given 7 listening tests, I knew this is going to my scoring section. It gave 7.5!”

And then came the final result!

“It feels great when one right decision, makes so many thing right. 7 band in IELTS! wow , I did it!”

ModuleBand Score

Target Band Achieved : 7!

“Priya Mam you are my star and you deserved this letter“

“All your Strategies and Guideline have Borne fruit. Additionally I would like to thank IELTS NINJA for the Fabulous results”


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