Here is the recent Writing task 2 question that appeared in exam-

It is inevitable that traditional cultures will be lost as technology develops. Technology and traditional cultures are incompatible. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Here are 4 great tips that will help you to put in good band in Writing task 2  

  • Make sure you identify the key words in the question
  • Take some time to plan your writing
  •  Choose the correct linking words
  • Avoid repetition

The model answer for  Writing task 2  –

Some people believe that technological developments lead to the loss of traditional cultures. I partly agree with this assertion. So, while it may be true in the case of some societies, others seem to be unaffected by technology and the modern world.
Also,  the advances in technology that have driven industrialisation in developed countries have certainly contributed to the disappearance of traditional ways of life. For example, in pre-industrial Britain, generations of families grew up in the same small village communities. These communities had a strong sense of identity. Hence, due to their shared customs and beliefs. However, developments in transport, communications and manufacturing led to the dispersal of families .And village communities as people moved to the cities in search of work. Nowadays commuters come to british villages. So,  many of whom do not know their closest neighbours.
On the other hand, in some parts of the world traditional cultures still thrive. There are tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. For example, that have been completely untouched by the technology.So,  tribal communities continue to hunt and gather food from the forest. And , children inherit traditional skills. Other traditional cultures, such as farming communities in parts of Africa, are embracing communications technologies. Mobile phones give farmers access to information, from weather predictions to market prices,. Especially, which helps them to prosper and therefore supports their culture.
. Also, but other traditional communities have survived and even flourished.
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